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How To Get Free Skins In Valorant?

Why pay for skins when you can get them for free

Valorant is a multiplayer first-person shooter hence you will be seeing your weapons a lot in the game. To not make the game too boring for you, Valorant has added the feature of applying skins to your weapons. There are just enough skins for every gun and every hand held melee weapon you yield. You also get design upgrades for skins in Valorant as you progress in the game.

Riot Games, the developer is an ingenious marketer as well. They have given out the game for free, to ensure maximum user base. At the same time, it makes revenue by selling skins for your weapons in the Valorant game store. But we have a guide to get skins for free in Valorant.

How to get Free Skins in Valorant?

Skins are cosmetic items that will not affect the gameplay, nor the dynamics and firepower of your weapons, but still, ensure that gamers are hooked to their screens. Here is how you can get your free Valorant skins –

  • Go to weapon Collection in store.
  • Search weapons labeled as Specific Agent.
  • These are the free skins you can unlock by finishing that Agent’s Contract.
  • For example, you can unlock the Viper Skin in Valorant by finishing the Viper Contract.
Agent Viper Contract gives you the Viper skin for free

Other than Contracts, you can get exclusive Skins from daily and weekly rewards, monthly championships, and by unlocking achievements. Once the Valorant beta version shoots off in the market, you can expect to get a bundle of free skins for being the first-week gamers, seasonal rewards, and log-in rewards as well. There will also be free skins as rewards for procuring Battle Passes in Valorant.

How to buy Skins in Valorant?

You can buy skins from the Valorant in-game store. But the method for purchasing is a little different –

  • The Valorant store refreshes every day at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST/ 5 PM PST.
  • You have to keep an eye out for the weapon of your choice.
  • Check the store every day after it resets, for the skin you were drooling for. If you find it ready for purchase, do it that instant.
  • Chances are, you might not see it again for a few days or maybe weeks.

You can also buy packages from the game store which include skins as well –

  • Reaver Bundle – 4,375 Valorant Points
  • Luxe Bundle – 5000 Valorant Points

Thes bundles contain skins for handheld knives and daggers. You can also purchase skins from a package individually for 875 Valorant Points, without having to pay for the whole bundle needlessly.

There you have it! The only guide you will need to get free skins as well as instructions to buy skins in Valorant. Also, read How do Contracts work in Valorant? This will help you unlock more free Agent skins in Valorant.