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Minecraft Scutes: How To Get Scutes, What Are Their Uses?

Scutes dropped by turtles in Minecraft. These items can be used to craft turtle shells. Here is how to find scutes in Minecraft.

Everything You Need To Know About Scutes In Minecraft

Turtles are one of the many mobs present in Minecraft. Baby turtles drop Scutes when they grow into adults. You can use these Scutes to then craft turtle shells, which is an important step in the process of crafting the Turtle Master potion. Turtle shells also enable you to breathe longer when underwater. In today’s article, we’ll explore everything about Scutes and their many wonderful uses


Where can you find a Turtle?

Turtles are very common sights among the beach biomes of Minecraft and can be found making their way into the water, or they can be found swimming in the water too. You can lure the turtles towards you by carrying seaweed (check the points below)

How to scute a Turtle


  • Scutes can be acquired when they are dropped by baby turtles as they turn into adults.
  • To acquire these scutes, you can either wait for the baby turtles to grow into adults (a process that can take up to 20 minutes in real-time or an entire day in the Minecraft world) or speed up the process by feeding the baby turtles some seagrass.
  • Seagrass can be found underwater in both short as well as tall forms very easily all over the game.
  • Feeding baby turtles seagrass can help quicken their growth process.
  • Adult turtles will then drop one scute which can be collected and placed in your inventory.

minecraft scutes how to get scutes what are their uses

Uses of Scutes


Now that you’ve found turtles and acquired scutes, we can discuss the many uses that scutes offer in Minecraft:

Turtle Shells

You can use scutes to craft turtle shells. Turtle shells enable you to breathe for longer periods when underwater without using oxygen.
Turtle shells can be crafted using five scutes in the crafting menu. The turtle shell needs to be placed in the helmet to activate it.


minecraft turtle shell

You can also use turtle shells to create the Master Turtle Potion. To do this, you need to fix the turtle shell with an awkward potion. The potion is equipped with slowness of four and resistance of three.

minecraft turtle master potion
Additionally, you can also use turtle shells to repair turtle shells. You can do so by placing a broken turtle shell to the left of the anvil, with one scute in the middle. You will then find the repaired turtle shell to your right.

So there you have it. This was your guide to everything about Scutes. As you may have now found, scutes are really useful tools that you can acquire quickly without much effort. If you found this article helpful, check out How To Make A Nether Portal in Minecraft here.