How To Get Rock Chuck Gun In Days Gone

Amazing gun, efficient enough and best for stealth missions

Looking for the best assault rifle in Days Gone? Something that can allow you to kill enemies and reduce or simply remove the necessity to use Crossbow then there is one rifle called Rock Chuck. If you are looking on how to get the Rock Check gun in Days gone then there are important things you need to know.

How To Get Rock Chuck Gun

Complete Marauder Camp Hunter storyline, in the main story you will come around two Marauder Camps while in the entire game there are Eight More. After completing the Marauder Camp Hunter storyline where you will clear all ten Marauder Camps you will earn Rock Chuck gun as a reward. It sounds a long run but it is the way to get this amazing weapon which is actually a silenced gun, so in stealth, you can use this to kill enemies.

All Marauders Camps List:

The first two camps are in the Cascade Region, you can clear this while playing the story, there are eight more that can be accessed through Camp Missions. You can find these mission in the Cascade, Lost Lake and Crater Lake region.

  1. Here’s a Little Chaos
    Drifters at Eden Hall
    He’s Just a Kid
    Rippers, Rest in Hell
    Just Doing My Job
    A Bunch of Cavemen
    He’s Feeding the Freaks
    How Do I Get Them?

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