How to Get Powered Black Elixir in Type Soul

Here’s how you can get your hands on the Powered Black Elixir.

Powered Black Elixir is the upgraded version of the Black Elixir in Type Soul and it lets players store fighting styles as items. And to get it, you will need the regular Black Elixir. Since having powerful skills and abilities is very important, here’s how to find it so you can level it up for added boosts.

How to get Black Elixir in Type Soul

clan wars in type soul

To obtain the Black Elixir, you need to join Clan Wars. Participating in them will give you a chance to get these elixirs, but the drop rate will be low due to their Mythical status.

The second way to get Black Elixir is by using Type Soul codes. These codes can expire quickly so you need to redeem them as soon as possible. Not all codes will give you the Black Elixir, most provide rerolls, however, the code “timetravellermistake” gives users purple elixir and a powered black elixir.

To redeem a code, click on the gift icon at the top left corner of the screen and type the code in the pop-up window that appears. Hit Enter and you should get your reward immediately.

How to Get Powered Black Elixir

If there’s no code at the moment that gives you a Powered Black Elixir, the best way is to visit the Myrnite NPC in Karakura Town. Myrnite will take 350,000 Kan, and exchange your Black Elixir with the Powered version.

myrnite npc to get powered black elixir in type soul
Image credit: Zion on YouTube

Another option is to purchase Black Elixirs or Powered Black Elixirs from other players through trading with Rin in Karakura Town. Prices can vary depending on the server and player.

Black Elixirs don’t work on Yamato and Formless (special characters), so keep this in mind before heading out to get them.

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