How to get Morning Tailcoat In RDR2 – Available For Limited Time

Time for some amazing clothing

Do you want the amazing looking Morning Tailcoat in RDR2, there is what you have to do. Recent February 11 Update that brought Frontier Pursuit XP Boosts, Legendary Bounties and Wheeler and clothes updates at  Rawson & Co. Clothing you can once again grab the Morning Tailcoat in RDR2. To unlock this you will need to first update your game and then follow the steps below.

How to buy Morning Tailcoat In RDR2

Morning Tail, Irwin, Coats, Eberhart Coats, Furred Gloves and Woodland Gloves are added back in Red Dead Redemption 2 for a limited time. You can buy Morning Tailcoat in RDR 2 from your local tailor or you can also purchase it through the Catalogue’s mail order.

  • Go to any Tailer Shop in RDR2
  • Check the Catalogue to buy Morning Tailcoat
  • To find out all available clothing accessories you can also check RDR2 Online Catalogue.

Morning Tailcoat is a Rank 13 item. There are three variants of Morning Tailcoat in RDR2, among which two are Rank 13 and one is Rank 63 item. Price changes with different color patterns.

  • Morning Tailcoat Male – $87.75
  • Morning Tailcoat Female – $87.75
  • Tail Coat – 4 Gold Bars

So this is how you can get Tailcoat in RDR2, there are more accessories you can check via the RDR2 Online catalog. Just link your social account and get your items delivered in the game.

About RDR2 February 11 Update:

Get 40% Boost from Role Activities for both Character Progression and Role Progression this week.

  • Moonshiner: 40% XP & Role XP boost on all Sales, Moonshine Story and Bootlegger Missions
  • Bounty Hunter: 40% XP & Role XP boost on Bounty Hunter Missions, including Legendary Bounties
  • Trader: 40% XP & Role XP boost on Sales and Resupply Missions, as well as making Stew in your camp
  • Collector: 40% XP & Role XP boost on sales of complete Collection sets

What is new this week in RDR2?

New wares are added to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog. This include premium items like Charleston and Reaves Top Hats and the men’s Caugherty Shirt. Morning Tail, Irwin and Eberhart Coats, plus the Furred and Woodland Gloves are available for on a limited time only.

Send Madam Nazar Chocolate Daisy, Yellow Gold Diamond Ring and the Two of Cups Tarot Card to complete the Lovers Collection. You will unlock amazing rewards in return.

Moonshiners get 25% off on all Moonshiner Properties, this also include property relocation fees. Upgrade Bar Expansion to grab more friends and customers. Get upto 5 Gold bars off on Bounty Hunter License, Butcher Table and Collector’s Bag.

PlayStation Plus members will get  3 Free Mash Refills and Trader Resupplies this week.  RDR Online Players who had linked their Social Club Account with Twitch Prime will be rewarded with Collector’s Bag and Polished Copper Moonshine Still.