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How To Get Meta Shades For Free In Roblox

Here's how to get the Meta Shades in Roblox for free from the Ready Player Two event. Claim this reward if you fulfill these conditions!

As you already know, those who have collected all the 7 relics hidden across Roblox games like Vehicle Simulator, SharkBite, Bad Business and more, will get a super reward and that is the Meta Shades. So, if you want to claim your reward from the Ready Player Two event, here’s how to get Meta Shades in Roblox for free.

How to Get the Meta Shades in Roblox?


Here are the steps to unlock the Meta Shades in Roblox for free:

  • Head to the Ready Player Two Hub after making sure you’ve got all 7 relics from the Ready Player Two event.
  • Go to the Platform in the middle after climbing up the stairs.
  • In a few seconds, you will get thrown up and things get colorful and lit.
  • When you come back on the ground, you will get the Meta Shades in Roblox in your inventory for free.
Image credit: SharkBlox


This is how to unlock the Meta Shades. If you are looking for the Meta Star and the MetaPhones, they are extremely rare and exclusive. Only the first 77 winners claimed The Meta Star whereas the first 777 Winners claimed the MetaPhones. If you missed out, don’t worry because all qualifying players can get the Meta Shades.

While you are here, check out how to get the 1x1x1x1 Teapot (Glitchpot) in Bad Business and the Bombastic Bling in Robloxian High School. The other relics to collect are the Chaotic Top Hat, Rick’s Boom box, Helm of the Rip Tide, Crown of Madness and How to Program which you will find in different Roblox games from Dungeon Quest to Bee Swarm Simulator.

That’s everything you need to know about this event reward. Meanwhile if you want some extra benefits, we’ve got lots of Roblox codes that you can redeem. Don’t forget to search the name of the game on Gamer Tweak and get your latest and working codes for special rewards.