How To Get Kars In Project Star

Want to become the Ultimate lifeform? This guide will help you get Kars in Project Star.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a very popular anime and it has a lot of games inspired by it on Roblox, once such game is Project Star. In this game, you can be a Vampire, a pillar man, or even get Stands. And if you want to be a Pillar man why not become the strongest one of them all, the Ultimate lifeform Kars. So in this guide let us take a look at how to get Kars in Project Star and how to use Red Stone of Aja.

How to Get Kars in Project Star

how to get kars in project star and use red stone of aja
Image Credit: Element-G on YouTube

The first step is to turn into a Vampire. You can transform into a Vampire by being above level 30 and using an item called the Stone Mask. This item can be found in Cairo (Egypt) on the ground on the streets. After that, you need to level up your character above 60. And lastly, you’ll have to use another Item called the Red Stone of Aja.

How to Get the Red Stone of Aja

There are two ways to get the Red Stone of Aja. The first way is finding on the ground on the streets of Cairo just how you would find the Stone Mask. And the second way is to get it by going to the DIO’s Mansion and spinning the Wheel of Fortune. To spin the Wheel of Fortune you will have to pay Terence T. Darby 50 Robux or 5000 in-game cash. But this method is very unreliable as you have a chance of getting other times out of the spin as well.

Once you get the Red Stone of Aja all you have to do is use it. Remember you have to be a vampire and above level 60 to be able to transform into Kars. If you do the above steps correctly you should get Kars.

What is the Moveset of Kars?

Kars has a lot of moves that all deal a fair amount of damage to your opponents. And just like Wamuu, even in the case of Kars, you can have a Stand on you and you can switch between the two while using their abilities. These are the moves that Kars uses:

  • Havoc Dash [F]: You player dashes forward and knocks anyone in the path.
  • Light Mode [E]: This move is a temporary power boost. It makes the bone blade shine while enhancing its power.
  • Supercharged Kick [C]: The player will launch a superhuman mighty kick on the opponent.
  • Brilliant Bone Slash [R]: Slash the opponent with your Brilliant Bone Blade.
  • Multi Brilliant Bone Blade [Z]: Slash your opponent thrice with your Brilliant Bone Blade.
  • Blood Drain [T]: Your player grabs the opponent to drain their blood. This move will heal you.

That sums up this guide on how to get Kars in Project Star. If you didn’t like Kars you can always get some other ability, check out our guide on how to get Wamuu in Project Star.