How To Get Wamuu In Project Star

Want to play like the pillar man Wamuu? This guide has you covered.

Project Star is an RPG-style game based on the popular manga and anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for Roblox. In this game, you can have Stands or become a Vampire. You can play as whatever fits your playstyle. While it isn’t just restricted to Stands or Vampires you could also become pillar men. One such pillar man is Wamuu. In this guide check out how to get Wamuu in Project Star and get Wammus Horn.

How to Get Wamuu in Project Star

project star how to get wammu use wamuu's horn
Image Credit: Element-G on YouTube

Getting Wamuu is easy as you have to just follow these steps:

First, you have to turn into a Vampire, you can do that by leveling up your character above level 30. Next use the Stone Mask item. You can find this item in Cairo(Egypt) on the ground on the streets. Now you need to get your hands on a Wamuu’s Horn.

How to Get Wamuu’s Horn

There are two ways to get it. The first is by fighting Wamuu. He spawns in the desert area of the Gale Ruins. His spawning is a world event and you can spot that by the tornados that form in the Gale Ruins. It is best if you take many people with you when fighting him because he won’t go down easily. You have a 4% chance of receiving it when you defeat him.

The other way of obtaining it is by spinning the Wheel of fortune in DIO’s Mansion. This is a good method if you have an abundance of money on you else it isn’t a very good option. It costs 50 Robux or 5000 in-game cash to spin the wheel once. The only problem with this way is that you can receive another item instead of the horn.

Once you have the Wammu’s Horn just level up your player to any level above 60 and use the item. Remember you have to be a Vampire before using the horn. If you do the above steps correctly you will get Wamuu.

What is the Moveset of Wamuu?

Wammu has some nice moves which you can use to deal a good amount of damage to your opponent. The best part is you can also have a Stand, so you can switch between your Stand and Wammu.

  • Twister [T]: Your character will summon a tornado in front of you. Anyone hit by it will be sent away flying in the air.
  • Hurricane Thrust [G]: The player dashes forward and strikes.
  • Horn Drill [R]: The opponent will get pierced by a strike with your horn.
  • Divine Sandstorm [E]: Your player shoots out two tornados from their arms
  • Wind mode [Z]: Grants you the ability to be invisible by letting you be one with the wind.
  • Greater Wind mode: Makes the ability Wind mode last longer.

That sums up this guide on how to get Wamuu. Since you like playing Project Star be sure to check our guide on how to get, store and remove Stands.