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How To Get Your House Repossessed In Bitlife

Here's our guide on how to get your house repossessed in Bitlife.

Getting your house repossessed isn’t much of an exciting feeling in real life. In Bitlife, you get to do it, and the way it is done you’d almost want to do it in real life. Here’s your answer to how to get your house repossessed in Bitlife and complete the challenge.


How to Repossess your House in Bitlife

how to get your house repossessed in bitlife

It’s not that difficult to get your house repossessed in Bitlife if you follow the steps explained here.

  • In order to have your house repossessed in Bitlife, you will have to first purchase a house.
  • Purchasing the house will require you to access the ‘Go Shopping’ tab.
  • Once you’re through, you will need to search for the ‘Realtor’ tab to look for the options you have for a house.
  • It is better to buy the house with the funds in your bank account, it will be easier to get your house repossessed later on.
  • If you find a house that is more expensive, I’d suggest you don’t go for it if you don’t have the funds for it. Taking a loan is also an option but doing so will land you in a situation to earn more money to pay off the debts.
  • The easiest way to repossess your house is to not pay the mortgage and upkeep of the house. You can stop paying the mortgage for one year in the game and soon the bank will repossess your house.
  • Once your house is repossessed by the bank, you will get a refund of a certain amount to cover the equity of your property. Hence, you will have completed the challenge.

You may come across similar challenges in the game and catering to each challenge consistently will get you through the game. While you’re here, also find out how to reconnect with your estranged child in Bitlife.