Stardew Valley: Where to find Golden Pumpkin?

Golden Pumpkin is a valuable item to sell in Stardew Valley. You can get a good price for this item, read this guide to know more.

Stardew Valley is a role-based simulator game that takes many ideas from reality. As such it has many unique items in the game. Such items are usually used to complete side quests or can be sold for a good price at the market. They can be used in different recipes. One such item is the Golden Pumpkin. It is a very rare item. You can scroll down and learn how to get it in the game and where to find it.

Where to find a Golden Pumpkin?

Golden Pumpkin Location Stardew Valley

The Golden Pumpkin can be obtained by two methods. The first is when it is available during the Spirit’s Eve Festival. The second is that sometimes it randomly appears inside the Artifact Troves.

Spirit’s Eve Festival is Stardew Valley’s version of Halloween. This festival is usually held on the 27th of Fall each year. True to life the town is decorated with a smattering of Zombie hands and cobwebs. One of the special attractions is a maze that has allegedly been created by the Wizard.

On the eve of this festival, you can even collect rare articles such as a rare-crow, a Jack-O-Lantern, and the Jack-O-Lantern recipe. The Golden Pumpkin is the hardest to obtain though. You have to visit the maze and look for a signboard with a question mark. It will be easier to locate if you have a Glow Ring.

Once you see the sign try walking into the bushes and you will see a secret passage. Follow this route and you will come out and see a secret chest. Upon opening this you will obtain a Golden Pumpkin.
Alternatively, there is a chance to get one when you crack open an Artifact Trove, which is a container that has rare items. These are available from the Desert Trader for 5 Omni Geodes. They are even dropped by Haunted Skulls in the Skull Cavern or found in supply crates along the beach. They are sometimes found when you dig up Artifact Spots.

The pumpkins don’t have much use, however. One of their benefits is that they are a universally loved gift, so you can gift it to your potential partner or to any villager. You can even make a witch hat out of it by visiting Emily or by sewing it yourself if you have your own Sewing Machine.

This is all you had to know about finding Golden Pumpkins in Stardew Valley. You should also have a look at who’s the best bachelorette in Stardew Valley or how to sew to make some of the best clothes.