How To Get Gnat Fuzz In Grounded

Learn where to find the pesky Gnats and how to farm them for Gnat Fuzz

Grounded is an explorer survival-based game where the players are shrunk to the size of an ant offering a unique experience similar to the 90’s movie ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.’ The game which was in early access has now been fully released so you can dive into the world of bugs, insects and arachnids of all kinds. In the pursuit of surviving in the backyard garden of your house, you must find shelter, hunt for food and collect all kinds of resources. One such resource is Gnat Fuzz that can be used to craft a Spring Bow or a Gas Mask. So in this guide we will breakdown how you can get Gnat Fuzz in Grounded by finding and killing the Gnat flies.

How to Get Gnat Fuzz in Grounded

Now, there is just one primary and straightforward way of getting Gnat Fuzz and that is by killing Gnats. These are small annoying flies that aren’t hostile but they will knock you back a little by running into frequently. Although these are slow flying and mostly float around, these can be a little tricky to hit with your melee weapon. You can easily hit them when they are approaching you to ‘boop’ since they are a closer target.

Grounded How To Get Knat Fuzz

Going around and killing Gnats one at a time can be a rather annoying process though, so if you want to kill a bunch of them together and farm Gnat Fuzz, we recommend using Gas Arrows. These are helpful as all you need to do is fire it somewhere near a cluster of Gnats and they die instantly as the gas spreads.

Where to Find Gnats

Although Gnats can be found almost everywhere in the yard, the best place to find a bunch of them flying around at night are near the garden lights. There is one right next to the big Oak Tree on the North of the map.

That is all you need to know on how to get Gnat Fuzz in Grounded. If you found this article helpful and want more related content, check out this guide on how to get Sap in this game.