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How To Get Ghost Coins In Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Microstransactions Guide

Unlock some special items with Cash

Buying better weapons, attachments, and blueprints are possible in Ghost Recon Breakpoint by spending some cash. The game has a store where you can purchase better quality blueprints, craft them and move forward. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Micro-transactions are forgiving, they are not harsh to give the rich all benefits, instead, t keeps the blend of grinding + pay-to-win model under a strict balance. There is two in-game currency in Breakpoint, Skell credits, and Ghost Coins. Both can be purchased through the store and you can use them to better vehicles, gears, and weapons.

How To Earn Skell Credits


Skell Credits are rewarded after killing enemies, many of them drops it and they are also available through the ous chest. It is pretty easy to get enough Skell Credits by playing side-missions, main mission and cleaning the patrolling enemies. Through Skell Credits, you can purchase attachments, rides, gears, weapons, etc from Maria’s store. You can also deploy a Bivouac and enter the shop to upgrade yourself with some good stuff. If you want more of this then you can buy it directly from the Store, go to the menu and select the store in the right end. You will see the following packs.

  1. 4,000 Skell Credits for 600 Ghost Coins
  2. 8,000 Skell Credits for 1200 Ghost Coins
  3. 16,000 Skell Credits for 2400 Ghost Coins
  4. 32,000 Skell Credits for 4800 Ghost Coins

How to Earn Ghost Coins


I thought first I can earn Ghost Coins by completing Levels or any side-mission in the game. But I had not found any options to get Ghost Coins as a reward in the game, it looks like it is purely for purchase with real-world money. When you are in store look on the top right corner for the key to access the Ghost Coins section. For PS4 it is Triangle, after pressing it you will enter a menu to buy Ghost Coins in a pack of 600, 1300, 2800, 5800 and 12000. More Ghost Points more amazing unlocks early in the game.

The store takes you to various Blueprints bundles for unlocking amazing Assault Rifles, Scopes, Tactical Gears, Colors and more. From customization to new weapons, everything is available here. Watch our video below to go through the store items, you can check out what all things you can buy here. I had focused on a few weapons, their stats and cost in this video.