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How To Get Free Uncharted Bike Skins In Days Gone

Free Uncharted Items

Days Gone gets fresh updates that bring amazing new content and fixes. There are around six new skins unlocked after installing Update 1.30 and some free skins for the bike. The skins are based on Uncharted games and there are three of them. There is a very simple process to unlock all the Uncharted items in Days Gone.

How To Unlock Uncharted Items In Days Gone


Three visuals are added to give Deacons bike a unique look. These three skins are inspired by Uncharted game and they are pretty amazing to miss. Below you can check out screenshots of all three new skins from Uncharted game.

To unlock Days Gone Uncharted game skin you have to download Update 1.30. The download size is 15GB and after installing it the update will unlock new characters in the Challenge Mode. These characters can be used as playable after reaching Rank 5 and Rank 6. You can also play as Sarah after reaching Rank 5. Read our guide How To Play As Sarah In Days Gone, to know about all six new skins and how to unlock them.


To unlock the Bike Skins just go in Visuals and check the Decal section. Scan to the last section and you will see all three Uncharted bike Skins. The skins will only appear once you had run the updates. Have fun riding up the new style.

Bike Skin Screenshot Sources: JoRaptor