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How To Play As Sarah In Days Gone – Unlock Rank 5 & Rank 6 Skins

New Skins Unlocked

Days Gone brings a new challenge every Friday, and these new challenges will help you to earn credits and level up. Thankfully the challenges are now a strong reason to complete. Yes, if you want to play as Sarah then you will need to complete these challenge and reach Rank Level 5. Seven new Skins are unlocked after installing the latest update. The download size of Days Gone Update 1.30 Download Size is 15.004GB. The update is big and adds a lot of fresh things in the game with fixes. In this guide, you will find how to play as Sarah in Days Gone.

How to Play as Sarah


Sarah is a fascinating character, love of Deacon she is an NPC in the main story who is trying to reveal the secret of a virus outbreak that turned all humans into Freakers. Days Gone has tons of interesting characters, Sarah is the most interesting one. Do you want to play as Sarah, if yes Update 1.30 gives us a chance? Read below to find how.

  1. Complete one of the challenges to earn enough XP to reach Level 5.
  2. After reaching Level 5 in Days Gone will unlock four new skins which were not visible before.
  3. They are Addie, Carlos, Wade Taylor, and Sarah.
  4. After reaching Level 5 and having enough credits you can unlock Sarah skin.


Addie the helpful camp members who helped Deacon and his brother Boozer after, he got his hand burned by the Rippers. Carlos is the leader of Rippers who captured Deacon and tortured him. Deacon and Carlos were the only two characters to had a fistfight. Wade Taylor is another NPC Deacon meets at Iron Mike’s camp and Sarah, wife of Deacon. Thanks to video by JoRaptor for the amazing details on Update 1.30.

After reaching Rank 5 you can unlock all these characters one by one. But wait there is more, there four more new characters after reaching Rank 5. They are listed below. You can also pick one of them to play the challenges.

Days Gone Update 1.30 New Skins


  1. Flashback Deacon – Unlocks at Rank 6
  2. Shirtless Deacon – Unlocks at Rank 6
  3. Colonel Garret – Unlocks at Rank 6
  4. Alkai – Unlocks at Rank 6

All these new characters are playable in the Days Gone Challenge, the mode you cannot play them in the main story. It is reserved for Deacon.