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How To Get The Raise The Cup Emote In Fortnite For FREE

This is how you can earn the Fortnite Raise the Cup emote for free. It involves participating and ranking high in the Raise the Cup tournament.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 ends its successful run soon. To celebrate it, there’s a brand new tournament that will take place where players can earn the Raise the Cup emote in Fortnite for free. If you are curious to know what the requirements are for unlocking this particular emote, you will find out all about it in this guide.

Fortnite Raise The Cup Emote: How To Win for Free

To put it simply, you need to have a high placement in Epic’s Raise the Cup Tournament which makes unlocking this highly coveted emote a big challenge. If you want to participate, the tournament will be held on August 18 for all players worldwide.

There is an eligibility criteria as well and to enter, you need to rank in the Open League. This tournament will involve up to 10 matches that you have to play in the duration of about 3 hours. Getting a good rank in this tournament will help you win the Raise the Cup emote in Fortnite and some bragging rights. The rank requirement is different for different regions, as shown below:

  • EU – Rank 1st to 1000th
  • NA East – Rank 1st to 625th
  • NA West – Rank 1st to 250th
  • Brazil – Rank 1st to 250th
  • Asia – Rank 1st to 125th
  • Oceania – Rank 1st to 125th
  • Middle East – Rank 1st to 125th

In case you don’t end up in the above mentioned places, you can purchase it from the Fortnite item shop when it is available later. There are quite a lot of rules you need to know if you want to play and win this tournament and all of them are listed on Epic’s website.

This is how you can earn the Raise the Cup in-game cosmetic emote in Fortnite. Know all the necessary tips and tricks to be the best player by reading our Fortnite guides right away.

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