How To Get False Promises Auto Rifle in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals

New Unique Legendary Rifle

False Promises is a new Legendary Auto-Rifle in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals. To unlock the weapon you will have to go through a process that will unlock more legendary weapons in the game. The weapon is unlocked via drop or through Umbral Engram. It is random but here is a sure-shot way you will get this weapon in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals.

How To Unlock False Promises Auto Rifle?

False Promises is an amazing weapon to grind for. It comes with a scope that enhances the aim allowing to shoot down enemies from distance. Begin an auto-rifle you will miss aims if you shoot while running around. The power of False Promises is hidden instability. The more precise aim the most accurate shot you can pull out.

So if you are on the path to unlock this weapon and find then use it in cover or while standing in one place. The weapon will miss a lot of shots if you run around. Here is a way to unlock this weapon in Destiny 2 Seasons of Arrival.

You will need an Umbral Engram to unlock this weapon. Part of a random drop the weapon will be unlocked from one of the Six Legendary Weapons. Once you have a Umbral Engram, carry it to the Umbral Decoder next to the Prismatic Recaster. Decode and you will unlock this weapon. There are in total six legendary weapons you can unlock using the Basic Umbral Engram. False Promises is one of them.

False Promises Stats:

Destiny 2 False Promises

A power 1014 weapon with high range medium handling. Three curated rolls High Impact Frame, Threat Detector, and Eye of the Storm make it a lot better. Here are details on all the perks.

  1. High-Impact Frame: Exotic Intrinsic – Slow firing and high-damage. This weaon is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights.
  2. Threat Detector: Legendary Trait – Increased reload, stability and handling when enemies are in close proximity.
  3. Eye of the Storm: Legendary Trait – This weapon becomes more accurate and boosts handling as your health gets lower.

So this is how you can unlock False Promises in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals. Stay tuned more updates on legendary weapons unlocks guides.