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How To Get Deadpool Skin In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Deadpool is finally here in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 and while there are tons of players who want to play as Deadpool and get their hands on the skin of this merc with a mouth, not many people know that there are challenges that you have to complete.

These challenges are as wacky as Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool himself and you will certainly have a blast completing them. There is a total of 14 things that you have to do before you can become the antihero Deadpool himself.

How To Unlock Deadpool Skin In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Fortnite devs Epic Games have always made sure that their grip on popular media is better than anyone else, and this has given us events involving the Avengers, Star Wars and even a complete concert for the fans.

Deadpool has always been in pop culture since the movie released way back in 2016. Many people want to don the mask of this ninja-like mutant and you will have to complete the tasks given below:

There are hints throughout the game and to complete some of these objectives you won’t even have to play the game and simply find some of the things that Deadpool frequently uses.

Find Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games Location

To complete this all you have to do is form the lobby screen look for the vent on the wall, this is one of the easiest things that you can find in the game and without much effort. This will take you to Deadpool’s secret dirty hideout. You will find a computer there and once you interact with it, you will find Deadpool’s letter.

Don’t Thank The Bus Driver

This is as easy as it sounds when you are playing Fortnite, just once when you’re about to drop from the Battle Bus, do not thank the bus driver. Deadpool is kind of mean and this makes more sense to be included.

Find Deadpool’s Milk Carton Location

To find the milk carton, you will have to access the vent in the battle pass screen once again and get into Deadpool’s hideout. Once there, check above the urinal and you will find the milk carton. This is a particularly strange place to keep the milk carton, but who are we to judge.

Find Deadpool’s chimichangas around HQ Location

For anyone who has played the Deadpool game or read his comics, they all know how much Deadpool likes his Chimichangas and now you have to find them. The chimichangas aren’t even that difficult to find, all you have to do is get to the battle pass screen and check under the table right in the center of the screen and you will find it there.

The second chimichanga can be found in the upgrade vault section of the battle pass screen, you will see Maya standing and right behind her is the second chimichanga. The third chimichanga is found in the Agents options. All three are on the battle pass screen and for the third and final you have to check out the table next to Brutus and you will find it there.

Collect all three and you will complete the challenge.

Find Deadpool’s toilet plunger Location

For someone who has created his office in a toilet, his toilet probably is one of his most valued treasures. To find the toilet plunger, you again have to go to the Agents section on the Battle Pass screen, from here select TNTina and watch the cutscene that will appear. After this, you will see the plunger on the wall to your right next to some blueprints.

Destroy Toilets

Well, I guess you have to take out your competitors I guess, weirdly in Deadpool fashion of absurdity, you have to destroy three toilets in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. For this challenge though you will have to enter into a match and it doesn’t matter what kind of toilet you destroy it can be the actual toilet or the porta-potty.

There are plenty of these things in the game and you can easily spot them no matter where you land. The best thing for you to do is land in an area which has a lot of houses. This will give you access to many toilets at a single place and you can complete this easily.

Find Deadpool’s Katanas Location

If you have checked out Deadpool’s character in any shape or form you must have seen the two trusty Katanas that he sports. All you have to do is find both of these Katanas to complete the challenge.

The first one can be found in Deadpool’s office. He will have driven one inside the wall-mounted monitor right in front of the urinal.

The second Katana can be found in the Upgrade Vault. Find Maya and beside her, to the left, you will see the Katana placed right in front of the wall of different guns.

Destroy Opponent’s Structures

You have to cause about 100,000 in damages to opponent’s structures, there is a neat little trick that you can do. Make sure that you target the base and use a Rocket launcher is you have to destroy it. Takedown a couple of the biggest structures that you see and you should be able to complete this challenge easily.

Make sure that you aren’t surrounded by opponents as it will only make things harder.

Find Deadpool’s stuffed unicorn Location

The best part of this is the fact that you don’t have to enter into a match to complete this, rather all you have to do is go to the Agents tab from the Battle Pass page and select Meowscles, here once you reach this place you can see the Unicorn beside the gym equipment lying around.

Embrace the rainbow by visiting the red, yellow, green, blue and purple bridges in Fortnite

Deadpool isn’t one to stay loyal to one color and we all have seen how colorful and exotic his personality is, and likewise, you have to visit all the different colored bridges in the game.

You can check out the map below to check out the locations of the colored bridges and you will complete this particular challenge. It is as easy as this.

Find Deadpool’s Big Black Marker Location

The big black marker is easy to find as all you don’t even have to enter a match, all you have to do is have a sharp vision and look for it. For those who are lazy enough to search for themselves, you can find the marker in the Agents option in the Battle Pass screen.

From there select Brutus and you will see Deadpool’s big black marker on the table beside Brutus.

Find GHOST or SHADOW Recruitment Posters Location

For this challenge, you will have to travel a bit and ruin a bunch of posters that you see belonging to either Ghost or Shadow agency. These posters are scattered around the map and we have all the locations noted down below:

Frenzy Farm

Here you can find two recruitment posters in Frenzy Farm, the first can be found in the east end of the location where you can find a red big barn just north of the location. The second can be found in the big farmhouse. To find the poster you will have to search the exterior wall.

The best option is to find an old car and you will find the poster right beside it.

Pleasant Park

There’s only one poster in Pleasant Park and it can be found on the southern side of the gas station. Make sure that you aren’t surrounded by other players and getting to this location is easy, just like before all you have to do is find a car parked here and you will find the poster.

Slurpy Swamp

There is a total of two Ghost posters for you to destroy, the first one can be found in the exterior wall of a building in the northwest corner of the area.

To find the second poster you will have to go all the way to the center of Slurpy Swamp and head down a fleet of stairs, the second GHOST poster is located next to a dumpster.

Holly Hedges

Luckily, Holly Hedges has two posters of the Shadow gang. The first poster is located beside the reboot van which is easy to find. You will also see graffiti on the wall which has the poster making it much easier to find it.

The second poster is in the southwestern part of the area. You will have to find a small brick building and the poster is on the left side of the door to this building.

Find The Two Fortnite Deadpool Pistols Location

What is Deadpool without these iconic two pistols, but it looks like this clumsy mutant has lost them and you have to find it for him. Both pistols can be found in Battle Pass screen, leaving you the hassle of battling out against a hundred other players.

The first pistol is underneath the challenge table, and the other one can be found in Meowscles’s room. You will have to select Meowscles and when you enter his room you will see the second pistol to the right side of him. Near the bottom right of the screen.

Enter A Fortnite Phone Booth Or Porta-Potty To Become The Super-est Of Superheroes

All there left to do now is find a phone booth or a porta-potty to become Deadpool. These things are found all over the map in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2.

Check out the map below to get a better understanding of where you will find the porta-potty or phonebooth in the game.

You will have to complete all these challenges to get Deadpool’s skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, make sure that you complete all of these chronologically and you will have your very own Deadpool skin.

We’re not so sure about the stench of Deadpool’s toilet-office from it though. Check our other Fortnite Chapter 2 Season  2 Guides for more details only on Gamer Tweak.