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How to Get Dango Tickets: Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

A guide on How to Get Dango Tickets and what are they used for in MHR

You hunters are fighting monsters all day long. It no secret that you would need stamina for that. The game has a Tea shop that provides meals that the hunters can consume before a big fight. The menu of the tea shop contains a list of three Dangos that have their own unique skills. So not only do these Dango provide the players with energy, stamina, and health, there are chances that these Dango skills are also activated within the player. This will be an extra boost for the fight. This is where the Dango Ticket comes into the picture. These tickets are a rarity 4 and can be sold at 200z. These Dango tickets are special items. They increase the chances of Dango skill activation upon meal consumption. So here is a guide on How to Earn Dango Tickets: Monster Hunter Rise  (MHR) and its uses.

How to Get Dango Tickets in MH Rise?



Dango Tickets are given by Yomogi the Chef in the Kamura Village. All you have to do is order a couple of Motley Mixes from her. Motley Mix is just the process of roasting your raw ingredients into usable items like consumables. For instance, handing in raw meat will give you a Well-done Steak. The Yomogi will roast them for you once you hand him over the ingredients.

After a couple of orders, you can speak to the chef who will hand the tickets over. You will come to know that she is ready to speak when she has a yellow chat bubble over her head. Using this Dango Ticket before placing a meal order will increase your chance of activating the Dango Skill by about 40%. This will help you immensely with your quests. The skill will last the player throughout the quest.


So that is all for our guide on How to earn Dango Tickets: Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). If you are curious to know where to find Wyvern Gems but have difficulties finding them, check out this article on How To Get Wyvern Gems In Monster Hunter Rise? which might help you get them.