How to Get Clothes and Outfits in Astral Chain

Unlock some new outfits

Having your characters customized in your own fashion perspective makes it that more enjoyable and Astral Chain lets you change outfits in the game so that you can get multiple looks and not be tired looking at the game threads again and again. This guide will show you how to get clothes & outfits in Astral Chain.

How to Get Clothes and Outfits in Astral Chain

Before you set your heart on an outfit that you wish to wear, you will have to move up the ranks and increase your duty rank. For this you will have to reach the end of each chapter and after the score is compiled your duty rank is measured.

With each increase in duty rank, you get a new piece of clothing as well as more health for your character.

To get more colors you will have to complete orders in Astral Chain, different orders give out different colors and some may even give you an entire outfit.

Orders are found all over the map so make sure that you keep an eye out and pick one whenever you get the time. This will help you get more experience as well and help you increase your duty rank too.

This is all there is to know about how to get more clothes and outfits in Astral Chain.