Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Cheese

Here's how you can get Cheese in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Cheese is an essential ingredient in cooking many Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players will need this ingredient more often as the game progresses and this guide about how to get Cheese in Disney Dreamlight Valley will help players to get one.

How to Get Cheese in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Get Cheese in Dreamlight Valley
image credit: Greymane Gaming

Cheese is only available in Chez Remy’s Pantry, where you can buy it for 180 Star Coins. Chez Remy’s Pantry is available only after you complete Remy’s ‘A Restaurant Makeover’ quest. Eating Cheese will restore 270 energy, which is a good restoration for an ingredient.

What are the Recipes you can cook from Cheese?

Here’s the list of recipes that are made with Cheese along with their ingredients list and the amount they sell for:

Recipe Ingredient Sold For
Bell Pepper Puffs 1x Bell Pepper, 1x Egg, 1x Cheese 606 Coins
Cheese Platter 1x Cheese 216 Coins
Chili Pepper Puffs 1x Chili Pepper, 1x Eggs, 1x Cheese 669 Coins
Eggplant Puffs 1x Eggplant, 1x Egg, 1x Cheese 991 Coins
Onion Puffs 1x Onion, 1x Egg, 1x Cheese 798 Coins
Potato Puffs 1x Potato, 1x Egg, 1x Cheese 736 Coins
Pumpkin Puffs 1x Pumpkin, 1x Egg, 1x Cheese 1,400 Coins
Souffle 1x Cheese, 1x Egg, 1x Milk, 1x Butter 1,200 Coins
Zucchini Puffs 1x Zucchini, 1x Egg, 1x Cheese 632 Coins
Basil Omelet 1x Basil, 1x Egg, 1x Cheese, 1x Milk 982 Coins
Cheesy Crispy Baked Cod 1x Cod, 1x Cheese, 1x Wheat 303 Coins
Fish Tacos 1x Fish, 1x Corn, 1x Chili Pepper, 1x Cheese 448 Coins
Greek Pizza 1x Herb, 1x Wheat, 1x Cheese, 1x Tomato, 1x Onion 630 Coins
Kronk’s Spinach Puffs 1x Spinach, 1x Cheese, 1x Canola 461 Coins
Margherita Pizza 1x Herb, 1x Tomato, 1x Cheese, 1x Wheat 336 Coins
Mushroom Pizza 1x Mushroom, 1x Wheat, 1x Tomato, 1x Cheese 351 Coins
Omelet 1x Egg, 1x Cheese, 1x Milk 882 Coins
Pizza 1x Tomato, 1x Cheese, 1x Wheat 284 Coins
Scrambled Egg 1x Egg, 1x Cheese 520 Coins
Vegetarian Pizza 2x Vegetables, 1x Tomato, 1x Cheese, 1x Wheat 350 Coins
Vegetarian Taco 1x Vegetable, 1x Corn, 1x Chili Pepper, 1x Cheese 423 Coins
Veggie Casserole 2x Vegetables, 1x Cheese, 1x Herb 324 Coins
Cheesecake 1x Cheese, 1x Wheat, 1x Sugarcane, 1x Fruit 332 Coins

That’s everything covered on how to get Cheese in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Also, check out our guide on how to get Apples in Disney Dreamlight Valley.