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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Apples

Here's how you can get apples in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a variety of fruits and vegetables that you can use. Among this one of the earliest and easily found fruits are Apples. This tasty fruit can be accessed earlier in the game. This guide will give you some easy tricks and tips to get more apples in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


How to get Apples in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Apples in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • Like Lemons or any other fruits, Apples are collected via Foraging.
  • Apples are found in the Plaza or Forgotten Lands Biome. You can get 3 Apples per tree which contains red fruits.
  • Having a companion with a Foraging role can earn you an extra Apple.
  • Even though you can’t grow them but if you want to save time by foraging them nearby. to do this you can go into Furniture mode and move the tree accordingly and decorate it nearby your Valley from where you can Forage it easily.
  • Also, you can buy it from the Goofy stall for 50-star coins.

Uses of Apples?

  • They are used in recipes like Caramel Apples and Apple Pie.
  • Apples are the favorite food of Squirrels, if you feed them apples twice they will become your companions.
  • As they are found in abundance you can eat them whenever required to gain energy.
  • Selling apples will give you 50-star coins.
  • They can be gifted to your companions to build friendship levels.

How to Make Caramel Apples?

  • To cook Caramel Apples all you need is one Sugar cane and one Apple.
  • You can grow Sugar Cane from Sugar cane seeds or buy them from Goofy Stall in Dazzle Beach.
  • Interact with the Stove and use 1 Coal.
  • The 2-star Caramel Apples will be ready which will restore 628 energy.

That’s all you need to know about how to get apples. Also, check out our guide on how to get While Squirrel on Disney Dreamlight Valley.