How To Get All Cat Shines In Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Pounce Bounce Isles

Make the lighthouse shine in Bowser's Fury Bounce Pounce Isle

Pounce Bounce Isle is a pretty fun island that is unlocked early on in Bowser’s Fury. As its name suggests, Pounce Bounce Isle is an island filled with lots of Bounce. This ‘Bounce’ is in the form of trampolines or bounce pads on the tiny island. This area has five Cat Shines that you can collect easily. Having the Cat Suit while completing this island makes it even easier. In this guide, we tell you How to get all the Cat Shines on Pounce Bounce Isle in Super Mario 3D + Bowser’s Fury.

Get Cat Shines On Pounce Bounce Isles Bowser’s Fury

How to get cat shine in Bowser's Fury
Learn how to make your lighthouse shine in Bowser’s Fury.

To get the Cat Shine on Pounce Bounce Isle in Bowser’s Fury you will have to first go through 4 separate missions and collect 5 shards. We have mentioned them below as well as the steps to complete them.

Make The Lighthouse Shine

This mission is quite easy. You have to make it to the top level of the lighthouse. As you follow the path through the center the game will teach you the ground pound ability. With the help of that, you can jump higher. Keep making your way to the top and you will finally see a platform that has the lighthouse shine.

Hurry! Jump High, Jump Fast!

Once you have received the first shine re-enter through the entrance. You will see that three signs are blocking your path and pointing you to a large purple colored button. Ground pound the button and a time trial will start. You will have 20 seconds to reach the top of the lighthouse using the new path.

Key To The Cat Shine

Re-enter again through the main gate. You will see that there is a Cat Shine in the cage. To open the cage you will require a key. Travel through the usual path to get to the lighthouse. You will come across some propeller hats. Use them to get to the top. You will see a wall with a broken away part at the top. The key can be found on the top of this wall. Now carry it to the cage to unlock it.

Blast The Fury Blocks

Near to the area where you learn the ground pound ability you will see a tall pillar. On this pillar are 4 Fury Blocks. The Shine is hidden behind it. So, to open the blocks you will have to wait till Bowser goes into Fury mode. Once he starts blasting fire the blocks will break and you will get the Shine hidden behind.

Five Cat Shine Shards

  1. The first shard will be in the location where you learn the ground pound ability. It is in the middle of a group of blocksteppers who you have to kill.
  2. The second shard is very near to the first. It is on the wall behind the first one.
  3. You can find the third one after you slide down the large slope.
  4. The fourth shard is found on the highest platform in the game, hanging off the side of the wall.
  5. The last one is available directly under the last big slide.

This is everything you need to know about how to get the Cat Shine on Pounce Bounce Island in Bowser’s Fury. While you are here you can also read how to change clothes in the game. You can even have a look at how to unlock Rosalina.