How To Fly In Shindo Life?

Here's our guide on how to fly in Shindo Life.

Shindo Life is one of the coolest games of Roblox. The entire game is based and influenced by Naruto. So if you are a big fan of Naruto, you are in for a real treat. Shindo Life was removed from Roblox earlier due to copyright claims by the developers of Naruto anime. But with some changes, Shindo Life was live again. So, what can you do in Shindo Life other than running like Naruto? You can use different bloodlines as an ability and combat different bosses as you proceed in the game. You can also train, duel with opponents, and do many other things. One of the amazing things is that you can fly in Shindo Life. So, here’s our guide on how to fly in Shindo Life.

How to Fly in Shindo Life?

While you can equip the heavenly spirit or Samurai spirit, our suggestion would be to activate the Tengoku mode to fly. Note that to unlock and activate Tengoku mode, you will need to equip a bloodline of level 400 or beyond. Now let’s see how to fly in Shindo Life.

  • Flying is pretty simple once you have equipped the Tengoku mode.
  • To activate the Tengoku mode, Press and hold C.
  • Then, press the spacebar to fly up.
shindo life how to fly
Image Source – NotClean on YouTube.
  • Now for players who have been flying for an hour but don’t know how to get down on the ground, here’s how you get down.
  • Press X to stop flying and get on the ground.

You can also tree jump in Shindo Life which is similar to flying except does not need any abilities or modes. All you need to do is go on top of the tree and hold down the Spacebar. Release the space bar to move forward. Tree jump is extremely essential in fast travel and uses less stamina compared to flying.

That’s all on how to fly in Shindo Life. If you liked this article, you can also check our article on how to make a party in Shindo Life.