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How To Easily Fly In Immortals Fenyx Rising

You can fly in Immortals Fenyx Rising, but before you do you will need to unlock a few things. Check out how to fly in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Flying in Immortals Fenyx Rising is a great way to travel across the vast lands and will help you immensely to get to different locations that were once inaccessible. If you want to know how to fly in Immortals Fenyx Rising, read the rest of this guide.

How To Fly In Immortals Fenyx Rising


To fly in Immortal Fenyx Rising, all you have to do is get to a high place and jump down. While you’re in the air all you have to do is press X on your PS4 controller and A on your Xbox One controller to open up your wings. You can use your joystick to change the direction of your flight.

how to fly in immortals fenyx rising

Flying in Immortals Fenyx Rising takes up a lot of stamina and it drains quickly but if you’re on normal or any lesser difficulty your wings will gently bring you down to the ground.


Flying can get you to a lot of places that double or high jump won’t let you get to. Especially during the puzzles when you have to get from one place to another flying is of prime importance.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising feels and looks a whole lot better when you fly around the entire area in the game. You will be able to check out some of the best areas of the game while high above and can decide where exactly you would like to land.


If flying isn’t your primary mode of travel and you’d like a more ground-based thing, you should check out how to get a mount in Immortals Fenyx Rising. You can always trust your horse to get you to places quicker and without spending your own stamina.

This is all there is to know about how to fly in Immortals Fenyx Rising. While you’re here you should check out our review about the game, and see what all things are worth playing for.