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How to fix PUBG Rank Mode Error – Missing RP, Unable To Access Lobby, etc

Ranked points missing?

PUBG Ranked Mode is live but there are issues. If you are facing problems like PUBG RP Missing or Unable to Access Lobby in PUBG Ranked Mode, then here is a solution for you. The issue has been acknowledged by the game developer and they had tweeted about the same.

How to fix RP Missing Error, Ranked Match Bugs?


PUBG Ranked Mode went live for the first time but it did not work as expected. This new mode went into some trouble last week where it failed to record match results properly. Players reported were unable to see their Ranked Points, some of them also reported they cannot access the in-game lobby. This issue is now resolved but there is one bad news.

30 Minutes of Ranked Match data has been lost and is not recoverable. If you had played this game within the time period you won’t be able to see your progress.


Here is a complete tweet by PUBG Support where they officially shared approx 30 minutes of data before maintenance was gone. PUBG Ranked Matches were not able to record the data correctly and it unrecoverable.

Developers have resolved the errors all you have to do is check for any recent updates on your PUBG Mobile. Also, there is one good news you can enjoy free PUBG on Steam till June 8, 2020 and if you want to buy this game it is on 50% discount.