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How to Fix Locked Character Bug In Apex Legends Season 5 Bug

Unable to pick a Legend?

Apex Legends Season 5 brings new content and some new bugs. The latest patch has created some issues among which is Locked Character. Some players have reported they are unable to unlock a Legend like Loba or Mirage in Apex Legends Season 5. Why this is happening? We will try to find an answer to this problem in this guide, usually, the best possible solution is to wait for any latest patch or update. It is an in-game bug that can be only resolved through updates. But still, there are few things you can try out.

How to fix Locked Character Bug in Apex Legends Season 5?

Apex Legends has acknowledged this issue and tweeted they are investigating the problem. But they haven’t revealed any fix for the problem. You can read in the tweet below, Apex Legends is looking into the matte where players are unable to see unlocked agents. The Legends menu is the default screen where you can pick the legends you want to play with once you have access to Season 5 Fortune’s Favor.

Many problems like Apex Legends crashing on PC appear after Season 5 update. You can try restarting the game to fix the majority of the updates. For in-game issues like loss of v-buck or locked character try logging in again. Or check back after some time by completing turning off everything. Exit Origins also, if nothing works then you will have to wait for a patch. You can tweet to EA help for problems if they remain unresolved for a very long time.

The last resort will be re-installing the game, but that is not a permanent solution. Ample of issues are fixed by performing clean un-installation. That means wiping out the game files completely and installing it back through the launcher.