How To Fix Invalid Account Bug In Apex Legends Season 5 on Xbox One

Apex Legends Season 5 is finally here, and what a legend Loba is turning out to be, with her arrival the entire landscape has changed and the map but that’s also brought in a ton of bugs and one of them is stopping players from logging into the game. Check out how to solve this bug right here.

How To Fix Invalid Account Bug In Apex Legends

It was expected, with every new update there are bugs that somehow happen to sneak out and then affect the gamers’ accounts. With each new config, there’s a ton of changes that sometimes cannot be checked by the developers.

But this one bug has been giving people the error which says ‘Invalid Account’, this error is somehow deleting the entire EA accounts from the Xbox server. There is and isn’t a fix for this.

EA’s community managers have given out step by step procedures that might be able to help some, but clearly this isn’t working for every player out there. Also, there’s the fact that this bug has been randomly affecting Xbox owners.

You can check out more about EA’s response to it, but more or less all you have to do is.

“Once you login that way, it should prompt you to create an EA account which will link your Gamertag to that one. If it doesn’t prompt you to create an account, that means you’ve already synced your Xbox Gamertag to one a while back somehow. Click on Accounts>Change Email address at the top to verify the email address that’s already linked up. (You can change it there if you need to as well)

Once you’ve signed into our site and completed the account creation process, restart your Xbox and try loading into Apex Legends again.

Just to avoid any confusion though, when you load up Apex Legends it’s not going to ask you to sign in every time. You’ll be prompted to sign in to the servers to connect to them, that’s all. If it’s getting stuck at that point, try these steps below to help repair any connectivity issues you might be facing”.

We hope that this fix helps to solve the Invalid Account in Apex Legends, make sure to check out how to fix the loot disappearing bug in Apex Legends Season 5.