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How to Fix Broken Deathboxes Bug on Ninja Settings – Apex Legends Season 5

Game Breaking Bug

Apex Legends Season 5 has a game-breaking bug that does not allow players to collect objects while playing on Ninja settings. This was unexpected and shocked many players. Settings by popular Apex Player Ninja are available online and if you are following the player and facing the problem then here is a solution. However the bug is not permanently resolved, the solution below will help you to collect Deathboxes but it is better to switch to the default config if the problem persists.

How to fix Apex Legends Broken Deathboxes bug?

Based on fixes reported by the user the way to resolve this problem is to switch the keyboard button layout. Another fix is to switch keys between Ping which and Tactical Ability. One more solution is assigning X to Heal in the game. As you cannot collect loot while healing there are chances a wrong key is pressed during the interaction. Below is Ninja’s Apex Legend settings.

  • Sprint – L
  • Jump – Space
  • Interact or Pickup – E
  • Melee – V
  • Equip Grenade – G
  • Reload – R
  • Shield – H
  • Crouch – C
  • Fire Mode -B
  • Crouch Hold – L-CTRL
  • Health Item – Q
  • Ultimate Ability – Mouse 4
  • Tactical Ability – Mouse 5
  • Inventory – Tab
  • Aim – Mouse Right Click

Here to interact or to pick object the assigned key is E. Try to set this to X and you will be able to collect death boxes in Apex Legends Season 5. Ninja controls also have issues with executing Loba’s Ultimate ability. So here if you are playing on console then X and A are the two best keys for interaction and ping. For PC also X is the default key to interact. But as an alternate E will be more suitable, Ping is assigned to the mouse middle click.

In case nothing works switch to the default layouts. You can go to the game settings and set the key binding to default.