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How to fix Mouse Latency Issue In Apex Legends Season 5

Is the mouse slow?

Mouse lag is common and one of the most annoying things in video games. If you are playing Apex Legends Season 5 and facing mouse issues then this guide will help you to resolve the problem. However it is a hardware issue then there is no fix, you will have to get a new one. But some easy settings can resolve mouse lag, mouse latency or slow curse issue in Apex Legends Season 5. Mostly based on games and Windows 10 internal settings here are some basic changes to troubleshoot cursor issues in Apex Legends.


How to resolve Mouse problem in Apex Legends Season 5 on Windows 10?

You will have to determine that there is no lag at all, if the game lags in between then it is not the mouse problem. Lagging is caused due to heating, unstable internet, low system resources, outdated graphic drivers, etc. Also check if there are not too many background apps running, use Task Manager to kill the unwanted process, and try again. If this does not work then here are some fixes to make the mouse work properly.

  1. Update your Mouse drivers, if you are using a gaming mouse like Corsair Nightsword, then find the latest updates from its official website.
  2. Regular mouse does not have DPC control keys, you can adjust mouse sensitivity from Windows 10 Mouse Settings. Just search “Mouse Settings” and on the right click on Additional Mouse Options. This will open up Mouse properties box click on Pointer Options and then increase the speed to make your mouse move faster.
  3. Update your GPU drivers, whenever you are installing a game then visit the official site of GPU manufacturer and download the latest drivers. This resolves the majority of bugs.
  4. For gaming, you can adjust the polling rate through the mouse manager tools. For example, Corsair Nightsword comes with iCue software. This provides various settings for RGB management and mouse settings. So if you are using a gaming mouse find the default and reduce the polling rate. This will permanently fix the lag problem.
  5. For non gaming mouse check the Mouse Properties, see step 2. Polling Rate and DPS are two different things, there are third-party tools available to reduce the Mouse Polling Rate. 250 is a good value to remove lags.
  6. From Apex Legends game settings turn off Mouse Acceleration and Mouse Invert.

Sometime your system is unable to handle high graphic settings, try to reduce that to lower or mid. This will help you to reduce impact on the hardware and the performance will be seamless.