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How To Fix A Slow Gaming Laptop [Solved]

Read this guide to know how to fix a slow gaming laptop.

Are you wondering, “why is my gaming laptop slow all of a sudden?” With every passing year, developers release games that demand a lot of memory, graphics and other aspects which ultimately translates into smoother gameplay. However, that is a distant reality for some as they are facing lagging gaming laptops. If you’re facing this issue too, then we have all the fixes that you can use:

How to Fix Lag on a Gaming Laptop

Some common solutions to try your slow gaming laptop is disabling background services, keeping the charger connected at all times and avoid heating. However, if these have failed to help you then let’s dive into some other full-fledged solutions:

gaming laptop slow

Check your Internet Connection

Usually, when you’re playing PvP games, you will need a fast and stable internet connection. Try checking your internet speed, if it’s slow then restart your router. If you still can’t find a way to get better speed then consider switching to an Ethernet connection. However, if you already have a fast internet connection, then check out our next fix.

Optimise Power Settings

If your power settings are set to low, it might save your battery but will massively impact your gaming laptop’s performance. Here’s how to change it:

  • Press the “Start” button on your keyboard
  • Go to “Settings>System>Power and Sleep>Additional power settings”
  • Now, under Hide additional plans, click on “High Performance”.

If this method still doesn’t prevent your gaming laptop from being slow, then check our next fix.

Update Graphic Drivers

Outdated drivers can often be the core reasons behind poor gaming performance. To ensure this doesn’t happen, check for any updates. This is especially true if you have an older graphics card. But you don’t need to worry about it as companies like AMD and Nvidia usually release regular updates to boost performance of such drivers.

Add an SSD or RAM

SSD’s are extremely fast and can hugely improve your gaming experience. It can reduce loading times and can lags. It is way better than the standard HDD that you get with your gaming laptop. So, consider upgrading to an SSD to ease your troubles.

On the other hand, RAM plays an important role too to ensure you don’t face troubles while gaming. If you only have 8GB RAM on your gaming laptop, you are bound to have incessant lags.The best way to fix this is by adding another 8 GB or 16GB stick thereby taking your total RAM space to 16 and 32GB respectively.

That’s everything answered on “why is my gaming laptop slow all of a sudden?” We hope you managed to fix the lagging issue and return back to a smooth gaming experience. For more tips & tricks like these, head over to our guides section.