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How To Find T-800 Terminator In Ghost Recon Breakpoint

23 Exclusive Rewards To Unlock

Inspired by the movie The Terminator, Ghost Recon Breakpoint gets the latest free update where you can fight T-800 Terminator from the Future. In this Breakpoint T-800 Event Guide, you can find out how to find a T-800 robot or T-800 Terminator location, which mission gives you access to unlock the exclusive MK14 Terminator weapon that can kill the machines and lot more. Breakpoint T-800 Terminator event is divided into two parts that will be unlocked on a separate date. So let’s begin with everything you must know about the Ghost Recon Breakpoint T-800 Terminator event.

How to find T-800 in Breakpoint?

T-800 Terminator Event is divided into two parts, in the first, you will have to free Rasa who will give you MK14 Terminator, a weapon that will be later used to raid Terminator’s camp in the second part. Mission 1 will available between January 29 to February 6, 2020. Mission 2 will be unlocked on February 1, 2020.

To find Terminator in Breakpoint, go to the Mission Menu and look on the right for the Event Section. There you will see a Terminator image, select the Events mission and meet Maria at the camp. She will tell you about a prisoner Rasa which starts the main mission The Storm is Coming.

Find The Woman Who Destroyed the Drones – Finding Rasa

After talking to Maria follow the objective Marker that leads to a Camp located in Sentinal’s Land Base in Sinking City.

  1. There are two T Markers on the camp, go to the West-End and investigate the Smuggler Clove Notice Board to unlock clue – A Prisoner Transfer Notice. The intel reveals the convoy route for prisoner transfer that will unlock the next objective.
  2. Head to the second marker to locate the Convoy and once you find it you will need to grab one of the Convoy members and interrogate him. You can play this in stealth.
  3. Your next location will be the Emergency Center in Smuggler’s Clove. You will find Rasa here. She is locked in a room on the upper level.

Breakpoint MK14 Terminator Gun

After finding Rasa the next cutscene will reveal the T-800 Terminator, well it does not look like Arnold (sad), but still, it’s better than drones. You cannot kill T-800 with a regular weapon so do not attempt to do it. Just run away from there and do not worry about Rasa she will follow you. Find a vehicle and escape the camp to reach Rasa’s workshop. Here you will unlock MK-14 Terminator, heavy weapon that can kill Terminators.

That’s it the first Mission of Breakpoint Terminator T-800 Event completes here. Mission 2 will be unlocked on February 1, 2020. In the meantime upgrade MK-14 Terminator for more power to take down the lethal machines from the future. Also, play T800s Daily Interception Missions. Completing it will reward you with Live Event Points that will further unlock Exclusive Rewards.

WhatExclusive Rewards you can unlock during Breakpoint T-800 Terminator Event?

  1. Earn 23 new exclusive items during the whole live event period, including customization items, gear, vehicles, weapons, attachments, and more.
  2. Rewards are directly inspired by The Terminator movie.
  3. Mission 1: Weapon: MK14 | TERMINATOR
  4. Terminator-themed items available in Maria’s shop, and 12 items are purchasable with Skell Credits.

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