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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Terminator T-800 Event Mission 2 Walkthrough

Time to face the Machines

in Ghost Recon Breakpoint T-800 Terminator Event, the first Missions was about freeing Rasa where she is held captive and gather more clues to face the machines. The second mission Clear Sky is unlocked and now you can proceed with the finale of Terminator Event in Breakpoint. Here is everything about the last mission of Ghost Recon Breakpoint T-800 Terminator Event. If you had not yet played the first then check out our guide How To Find T-800 Terminator in Breakpoint.

Breakpoint Terminator Mission 2 Clear Sky Guide

Talk to Rasa at the base camp Erewhon to continue with Terminator Event. She will give you a clue about Antenna tower. Follow the map marker, it is not far from the camp. MK14 Terminator weapon is the only one that can destroy the machines faster, it unlocks in the mission 1.

Breakpoint Terminator Camp

There are no enemies around the Antenna, just hack it get new intel about the Terminator. Which is a satellite image of a compound this is where you will fight the machines. Before you proceed for the final fight do upgrade your weapon to max, carry enough Syringes and use the drone to markdown T-800’s location. Fill up enough number of syringes also.

This camp has around two to three Terminators guarding outside and a few soldiers. So better user your drone mark down their locations first. Use MK14 Terminator to take down the machines, you will need to keep on shooting. They have a pretty big health bar and if you are able to shoot on the head the machine falls down for a while. Keep on shooting until the blue health bar dries. The T-800 Terminator uses a machine gun which is pretty lethal, but if you have a decent armor you won’t face many problems.

Killing soldiers first will be an easy option as they will not surround you. You can then focus more on killing the Terminators. To find the source of the signal continues to the building on the left. It will take you underground towards a huge lab door. Investigate a security system map on the right end of the door.

After checking the floor plan get outside the building and destroy the four cooling systems. It is a huge pipe with fans over it, just shoot the silver part of the pipes to destroy it. Before getting attacked by another Terminator return back to the underground lab.

Enter the underground Facility and in the control room, you will have to fight a few weaker Terminators. Find a point to cover yourself the machines will follow you, after killing all the weaker T-800’s it is time to face the final boss of the Breakpoint Terminator Event.

How to defeat the final Terminator Boss in Breakpoint?

This one is very tough, the final T-800 Terminator is controlling all the machines. Killing it means stopping everyone. You will have to use MK14 Terminator, use some explosives to slow it down. Find columns around and cover yourself before you shoot. The good thing about this control room is it is filled with covers, so you can run around and attack.

Always maintain a good distance from the final Terminator Boss, and in the meantime, a few weaker versions of T-800 will also spawn. After killing the Terminator Boss escape the facility before the time is over. Otherwise, you will die in the explosion, ignore any enemy in your way, just head outside and interact with the console to lock the main gate.

That’s it return to Rasa at the camp and you had completed Mission 2 of Terminator Event in Breakpoint. You will unlock a few sweat rewards, do not forget to claim them. Terminator Event in Breakpoint was short but interesting, it is good to have a stronger enemy along with an upgraded weapon that will later help you to take down drones and other stronger armored vehicles.