How To Easily Find Power Cells In Horizon Zero Dawn

Power Cells will help you unlock the The Ancient Shield Weave armor which is the strongest armor in Horizon Zero Dawn

Power Cells in Horizon Zero Dawn are one of the key items you will require throughout the game. They are essential and you will unlock special items and armors in the game. One such armor is the ancient Shield Weave armor in Horizon Zero Dawn if you’re looking for it this guide will help you find it quickly.

How To Find Power Cells In Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn was recently just released for PC and players have been exploring the wonderful and dangerous world this game has been set in.

As you keep progressing in the game you will learn about Power Cells and they’re needed if you want to get your hands on the best armor in Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s called the ancient Shield Weave armor.

As you progress you will need to upgrade your armor and to get the best armor, you will require Power Cells, below are the locations for all the Power Cells in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Power Cell Location 1: The very first Power Cell is located at the original bunker where the game begins. You can find the Power Cell right here Aloy finds her focus. You will, however, need to wait until Aloy has grown up and visit the bunker again when she’s grown up.

Here you will see a formation of rocks blocking a doorway, use your spear to smash the rocks and you will gain access to the room. Inside you will find the power cell.

Power Cell Location 2: The second power cell can be found in the All-Mother Mountain, After the Proving event, Aloy will wake up to find all of her gear lost and must find it. The story will lead you to the gear and inside the same room, you will find the power cell. Look for a locked door and towards the left, you will see a small opening. Crawl through that area and you will get the second power cell.

Power Cell Location 3: For the third power cell, you will need to visit the northeastern part of the map towards Grave Hoard. In this ruin, you will need to head inside and this will take you to where enemies are posted, take them out and search for a door with three locks. The power cell can be found in the crates right after the door.

Power Cell Location 4: You will need to access the “Maker’s End” quest in the game to find this power cell. When you’re near the conference table, look towards the east side and you will see rocks that are easy to climb, Keep climbing and you will find the fourth power cell.

Power Cell Location 5: For the final power cell, you will need to access the quest titled, “The Mountain That Fell”. After you see Faro talking to scientists, walk down below and here you will find a secret path that will lead towards the tunnels into the mountains. Find a shelf that contains the power cell.

How To Unlock The Ancient Shield Weave  Armor in Horizon Zero Dawn

To unlock the Ancient Armor in Horizon Zero Dawn, you will need to collect all 5 Power Cells, once you’re done with this, head back to the ruins where you saw the armor behind the glass. You will need to place two power cells in the darkened dials.

The cold to unlocking the door will be displayed on the terminal which is furthest towards the right, these dials signify the time in military terms and you will need to dial them to the following position. Up, Right, Down, Left, and Top.

This will lead you towards the second room, where you need to plug the three remaining cells, and to unlock the armor you will need to enter the code which is listed as angels. Arrange them in the following order: Right, Left, Down, Right, and Left.

This will unlock the Ancient Shield Weave Armor in Horizon Zero Dawn. This is all there is to know about how to find the power cells and unlock the ancient armor in the game, make sure to check out How To Install Mods in Horizon Zero Dawn.