Horizon Zero Dawn PC Mods Guide – How to Install Mods?

You can install mods to modify the gameplay in Horizon Zero Dawn PC. Here is a guide on how to install mods and types of mods available for the game.

In this Horizon Zero Dawn PC Mods guide, you will learn how to install mods in this game. Alloy is finally on PC and mods will let us do more. This includes unlocking game potential by boosting Alloy’s health or enhancing the game graphics, etc. But not all Horizon Zero Dawn PC Mods are available, the game is just released and might take modders to bring new features. This guide will answer all your common questions on Horizon Zero Dawn PC Mods.

How to install mods on Horizon Zero Dawn PC?

You can download mods from NexusMods.com, the site provides various mods from different modders. Right now there are few of them to enhance the game graphics or remove certain features. It looks Horizon Zero Dawn on PC has not attracted modders yet. So you have to wait for a while and check the site regularly for mods.

But there are some mods to boost game graphics. The downloaded files are in .exe format and some are replaceable files. You can run the exe file to install the mod or copy-paste the mod files inside the graphics folders.

Is there are Horizon Zero Dawn PC Mod to play as Male Character?

This is a common question that is quite out of context. Horizon Zero Dawn is a story of Alloy, a girl searching for secrets of her past in a devastated ruled by AI’s and machines. However, till yet no mod allows you to replace Alloy with any other character in Horizon Zero Dawn PC. But there are changes in the future we can get a mod that can let us do this.

You have to stick with Alloy for a while and enjoy the amazing vast serenity of destroyed planet Earth.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Mod to activate Cheat?

This mod is also not available, but we had seen trainers. They are quite risky to use due to malware issues. It is necessary to download and try out Horizon Zero Dawn PC cheat codes mods or trainers from a trusted source like Nexusmods. I will be updating more details on the same soon as I can find working cheat codes for Horizon Zero Dawn PC.

Some of the mods that will really help players to finish it fast is listed below. These are just assumption and the mods does not exist till now. But keep checking back, I am going to link them soon in this Horizon Zero Dawn PC Mod Guide.

  1. Unlock all Skills Cheat Horizon Zero Dawn PC Mod
  2. Unlimited Health Horizon Zero Dawn PC Mod
  3. Unlimited Ammo Horizon Zero Dawn PC Mod
  4. Unlimited Crafting Items Horizon Zero Dawn PC Mod

Stay tuned for more updates on downloading Mods in Horizon Zero Dawn PC. Will be updating this article soon.