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Find and Photograph Cohoot in Monster Hunter Rise?

Want to get those cute owl pets for your Character? We'll show you how to get it.

Monster Hunter Rise boasts diverse weaponry and craftable items. The developers have designed the village of Kamura very magnificently, from the green mountains of Lush to the wide variety of animals. While some of them must be defeated to advance forward in the game, players may keep some of them as the cute owl Cohoot as pets. There are many other animals that you can choose as your Pet as all bring their own unique traits. Stick around to know how you can get your hands on the Cohoot and photograph it in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to find a Cohoot in MHR?


MHR Cohoot

Many players choose Cohoot because of its cuteness and how this Monster Hunter Installment’s SOS Flare. To get a Cohoot for themselves, players will need to find an Elder in the village of Kamura. Once you find an Elder, they will give you a Cohoot for your Pet. Upon Receiving the Cohoot, players will get a quest mission to photograph other wild Cohoots.

How to Photograph a Cohoot in MHR?


Taking pictures of wild Cohoots will get you various outfits for your newly found Pet. Looking for Cohoots can be a task, but players can find it near the stairs of Fugen the Elder. Once there, look at a wall around, and you’ll find a Cohoot on top of it. After checking the frame, press the A button to take a photograph. While you’re taking the picture, be careful about anything dangerous.

You can bring the Cohoot on your arm by pressing the Action bar. Once on your arm, you can access the Pet’s menu, giving you all sorts of options, from dressing up your Pet to accessing its unique features like locating all the Monsters across the map. You can also click selfies with your Pet once it’s on your arm.

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