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How to farm for Temtem With High TV

The similarity between Temtem and Pokemon goes deeper than just the layout or the monsters, there are TVs that work like IVs in Pokemon and these values represent the strength of your Temtem. This guide will show you how to farm for Temtems with high TVs.

How to farm Temtem With High TV

Every Temtem starts at 0 TV and this is common for everyone Temtem and you can take Temtems and raise their TV to up to 500. If you have a clear pass, you can raise the TVs of your Temtem quickly.

Depending on the Temtem you fight, you can raise your TV by +1, +2 or +3, but better yet there is a special Fruit on the second island itself which costs about $500 that will increase your the TV of your Temtem by +20.

There are a total of seven stats that combine to form the TV and these are HP, STA, SPD, ATK, DEF, SPATK, and SPDEF. Each Temtem needs quite focus and depending on how you want them to turn out you should invest in their particular stats.

If you have a Temtem with a lot of physical attacks, you will want to increase their ATK and if they have a lot of Special Attacks you will want to increase SPATK and vice versa.

To train Temtem’s to increase their stats quickly you will want to find the right farming spots with the right Temtems. Some of the areas in the game have a greater chance of spawning.


Sillaro River: There is a small island on the Southern End of the Sillaro River.
Saipat: +3 HP


Prasine Coast: Go West from the Double-Docks and find a square patch of grass over there, this will be just above a larger patch of grass.
Tateru: +2 STA


Kupeleleza: In the southern section of the area, you’ll find the following two Tems on any of the grass. Instead of just one spot, they’re found everywhere, so much easier to locate these two.
Mushi: +2 SPD
Zephyruff: +1 SPD


Anak Volcano: In the southwest, there is a Volcano present and there you will find a small grass patch just outside it. Make sure that you do it outside.
Magmis: +2 ATK
Mastione: +3 ATK


Mines of Mictlan: When you get to the mines, go to the eastern area on the steppes, there you will find a small green pond. The Tems should be found just right from there.
Lapinite: +2 DEF
Valash: +2 ATK, +2 SPATK
Azuroc: +3 DEF


Mines of Mictlan: This too is present near the mines, you will have to find the small green pond and go to the eastern side of the mines near the long steppes.
Platypet: +1 SPATK
Wiplump: +2 SPATK


Sillaro River: Go northside from the Double-Docks and on if you check out the opposite side of the cost you will find an area to land upon with a small grass patch.
Fomu: +2 SPDEF

This is all there is to know about how to increase the TVs of your Temtems and how to farm temtem for better TVs. Make sure that you check out other guides on Temtem only on GamerTweak.