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How To Expand Army In Ancestors Legacy PS4

Get more Army

There is strength in numbers and if you can have a large army, it means you can take on bigger enemies and defend yourself successfully when needed. An epic battle begs for large army showdowns and this guide will show you how to increase the army population in Ancestors Legacy.

How To Increase Army In Ancestors Legacy


You will need to build tents in order to recruit more warriors, make sure that you have enough resources available to feed them and look after them.

You are limited to a maximum number of 10 units in Ancestors Legacy and this is more than enough, each unit has a certain number of warriors at your service, but what matters most is how you use your army in battles.

Use as many different strategies available to you to successfully launch an attack and be victorious. Use the environment to take advantage in a battle, switch units depending on the type of enemy you are facing and target their weaknesses.


Upgrading units is vital for victory, spend iron to get better weapons and equipment for your troops. Retreat when necessary and do not lose an entire squad in a battle as then it would not be possible to get them back.

Some missions will limit your recruitment, use the troops you already have and be successful. Make sure that you have a proper strategy in place and are well aware of the traps and resistance involved.

This is all there is to know about how to increase army population in Ancestors Legacy.