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Dinkum: How To Enable The Teleporters

Check out this guide to enable the Teleporters in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a new life-simulator farming game based on the theme of wild Australian islands. Farming and Poultry farming are the primary activities that can be done on the island. The map in this game is very vast and sometimes it gets difficult to reach the desired location on time. There are vehicles like Jet Ski, Scooters, and Tractors in this game for traveling. However, there is one quick way to travel in this game called Teleportation. Here’s our guide that can help you to enable Teleporters in Dinkum.

How to Enable Teleporters in Dinkum

There are four Teleporters on the map through which one can travel. It is necessary to repair the Teleporters in order to use them. Here’s how you can repair and enable
the teleporters in Dinkum:
How to enable Teleporters in Dinkum

  • There are four different teleporters located in four different locations on the island. Locate and repair any two of them to travel between them.
  • After you repair all four, you will be able to travel all over the map.
  • To repair, you need 1x Smooth Slate,1x Shiny Disc, 2x Hot Cylinder, 3x Green Board, and 8x Bright Wire.
  • It is possible to locate all of these items with a Metal Detector. They need to be dug up since they are buried beneath the ground.
  • You must have a Metal Detector License to purchase it. It can be bought from Fletch for 500 Permit Points.
  • Find all of these resources and place them in the Teleporters to repair them.
  • After repairing 2 teleporters, you can build one personal Teleporter inside the town.
  • You simply have to stand on the Teleporter’s platform and select another Teleporter tower. This will teleport you to that corner of the map instantaneously.

That’s how you enable the Teleporters in Dinkum. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Dinkum Guides.