How To Earn Maximum Gummies In Ooblets

Get Rich Or Try Farming

Gummies in Ooblets are the primary form of currency and you can earn them for various activities that you do in the game. You will need gummies for buying seeds, clothes, beds and  etc and it is recommended that you find multiple sources to earn, this guide will show you exactly how to do that.

How To Farm Gummies In Ooblets

Gummies in Ooblets will open up opportunities to purchase a lot of things in the game, from seeds to grow for farming, to buying new clothes, remodeling your house, etc, but the game does a bad job of explaining how to earn gummies in Ooblets.

All you need to know is that you should be ready for anything the game offers where you can lend in a hand and this will, in turn, result in you earning a ton of gummies. Different types of activities offer a different amount of gummies so try to hit the high paying opportunities as much as you can.

Visit Rugnolia To Scan Ooblets

Rugnolia is the resident scientist of Badgetown and she will often require your help for her research. You can find her in the top right corner of the map and every time you discover a new Ooblet you should bring it to her.

She will take the Ooblet from you and scan it in her machine so that she can learn more, for your efforts that you put in finding new Ooblets she will pay you 50 Gummies which is essential during the early parts of the game.

As you jump in the game, you will find plenty of new Ooblets and it is recommended that you bring every new one that you find, this will provide you with a source of income and stable amount of money flowing that will help you set the thing up early on.

Use Vending Machine For Gummies

As you progress further into the game, you will see a vending machine is set up, you can use this machine to complete Plenny’s Bulk Orders. All you have to do is find things that the machine asks of you. These are quests where you will need to collect a few things and once you are done just bring them to the machine.

For example, you might get a request to bring a certain number of clothplant seeds or beds, it can be anything but the reward for fetching all these items is enormous as you stand to earn around 600 Gummies for it. You definitely should pursue these quests whenever you can.

Wishies Can Be Converted Into Gummies Too

Wishies are things that you earn for completing tasks in the game and you can cash these in only at the Wishy Well in Badgetown. You can get a few things for a certain number of Wishies that you earn in the game. You can earn around 100 Gummies for every 50 Wishies that you spend.

It is not recommended that you exchange your Wishies for Gummies but if you are in a pinch and need Gummies quick, this is one way to get them.

Barter Useless Things For Useful Items

Lastly, the final option you have to earn Gummies is by selling things that you do not need in Ooblets, this will allow you to clear up the clutter that you have been hoarding for quite some time and items in the game.

Merchants are all over Badgetown and they’ll happily take the clutter that you have to sell but they’ll only give you back in the things that they are selling. So if you sell a bunch of stuff to a clothseed trader, you will be paid in clothseed.

This is a fast way to earn things that you need by giving away things you do not need. The barter system works well in Ooblets.

This is how you earn Gummies in Ooblets, the process is simple and you will always need some Gummies, while you’re here why not check out how to fish or better known as Sea Dangling in Ooblets.