How To Dual Wield Weapons In Valheim

Are you confused about how to dual wield weapons in Valheim. Check it out right here.

How to dual wield weapons in Valheim is a question that has been making rounds of the internet as soon as people were able to play the game. Everyone wants to live their Nordic fantasy while wielding two weapons at the same time and charging at your enemies, if you want to know how to use two weapons in Valheim, check the rest of this article.

How To Dual Wield Weapons In Valheim

Unfortunately, you cannot dual wield weapons as of yet in Valheim, while this feature may be added in the future it is not possible to use two different weapons at the same time and attack your enemies. While this may be sad news for some who wished to do so, we recommend that you get your hands on a good shield to save yourself from the powerful attacks of enemies, especially during the boss fights.

how to dual wield weapons in valheim
Wondering if you can dual wield weapons in Valheim?

Valheim gives players the ability to craft weapons and make them better, going from rudimentary weapons to strong iron-based weapons. Valheim seems to pull out all of the stops when it comes to crafting. However, it does not allow players to use two weapons to dual wield at the same time.

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To make things worse, the developers haven’t stated anything yet about adding dual wielding to the list of things that they’re trying to add to the game and we’ll just have to wait out and see if this particular feature makes it to the game.

While you’re waiting for it, we recommend that you check out how to craft the Stagbreaker Hammer in Valheim, this two-handed weapon will help you cause AoE damage to all enemies around you and defeat them easily, this is all there is to know about how to dual wield weapons in Valheim. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.