How To Drop Spike In Valorant

Playing Valorant and don't know how to drop the Spike? Don't worry I have you covered in this guide. Here I'll tell you how you can drop the Spike in Valorant.

You could be a total newbie in the game or might always only be playing with your friends who don’t let you carry the Spike. Either way knowing how to drop Spike in Valorant is more important than you might give it credit for. Here’s how to do it easily.

How do you Drop the Spike in Valorant?

To drop the Spike you simply press the button “4” and press the button “G”. That’s how simple it is. Similar to dropping Spike you could also drop your primary or secondary weapon by pressing “1” or “2” and then pressing “G”. “G” is the default key to drop the currently equipped item and “F” is the default key to pick up/use items. If your “G” button doesn’t work or if you would like to use some other key to drop items you could choose to map it to another key on your keyboard from the settings.

valorant spike

How to Map Keys?

  • Tap on the Settings icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Here click on Controls and under it select Equipment.
  • Select the action you want to map the keys, for example in this case tap on the button for Drop Equipped Item.
  • Press the key you now wish to use to perform that certain action.

Once you follow these steps, you can map the keys according to your preference to perform the different actions.

Tips to consider while Dropping Spike

Don’t confuse dropping Spike with planting Spike. There are two things you could do whenever your teammates are telling you to drop the Spike. One is you could either simply drop it in the ground in front of you. And, the other is to face your teammate who might be asking you to drop the Spike and drop it to pass it to them instead of dropping it on the ground. Remember to be alert of your surroundings when dropping the Spike. When you drop the Spike it makes some noise and if the enemy is close by, then chances are they can hear the sound and might get some vague information of your location.

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