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How to Defeat Tokichiro and Katsuie Shibata – Nioh 2 Boss Fight Guide

Boss fight tips

Nioh 2 has a long list of Bosses and some of them appear twice. The first encounter will be with a less powerful version, later the second encounter brings a beefed-up version of the same enemy. So here is a guide on defeating two toughest bosses in Nioh 2 – Tokichiro and Katsuie Shibata. Nioh 2 gameplay is simple, you proceed to a story mission, defeat the bosses and enter’s into the next chapter. In between, you will unlock new weapons, armors, and items.

How to defeat Tokichiro


Tokichiro appears in Two Faces of Hospitality chapter. His second appearance is in Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo. For the first time, he is not that strong, but the second appearance is challenging. During his second encounter, the toughest thing is to deal with Tokichiro’s Yokai form. Here are some tips to defeat this boss in Nioh 2.

Reach somewhere above Level 100 if you want to beat Tokichiro. He uses two swords and uses fire or lightning attacks or both. If you do not want to die soon, then dodge his combos at all costs. Use a spear type weapon to get a decent range to attack this boss. Attacking with Poison will help you to destroy some health. You will have to play defensive while dealing with Tokichiro boss in Nioh 2. He can also counter-attack if you are thinking of easy combos. Just look for glowing sword, this means he is all set to throw you back, so just dodge.

Another big attack by this boss is Grapple, that must be avoided at all cost. There is a single pattern, you will be learning this during the boss fight, just be ready to dodge away and use weapons like a spear that gives you a decent range. So this is how you can defeat Tokichiro in Nioh 2.


How to defeat Katsuie Shibata

Katsuie Shibata is not complicated to beat during the first encounter, but when the boss is back the second time you will need to do some preparation. The Yokai version of Katsuie Shibata will appear in Ruin Draw Near. There is where this boss is very strong, and if you are below Level 70 then there are fewer chances you could win.

Starting with a similar defensive technique that you used for Tokichiro, dodge away. He will also use a grapple attack, be ready to avoid this one also. Be ready to hit him when you have a chance and other time just dodge his attacks. Burst Attack is a kind of combo hit used by this boss that is quite lethal and hard to avoid. This will make the boss fight more complicated, so here practice to be fast. This boss uses axes and he can throw these axes which will circle him creating a shield. Do not go near, stay far and try to attack him from behind.


Tokichiro can mix up different attacks, still, the patterns are predictable. You can use the weapon of your choice here and also use a light armor to avoid some damage.