How to Defeat Khan Maykr Boss In DOOM Eternal

By Raaj
3 Min Read

To defeat Khan Maykr in Doom Eternal you will need three things. Dashing Ability, Super Shotgun with Meat Hook and Blood Punch. These three items are enough to defeat the toughest boss in Doom Eternal. You will need a good fast shooting weapon to break the Bosses shield. There are multiple phases in Khan Maykr boss fight, you will need to survive for long. So here using the same tactic and repeating it, again and again, will help you to defeat Khan Maykr in Doom Eternal. Let’s begin with the walkthrough on how to defeat the toughest boss in Doom Eternal.

Tips and Tricks on how to defeat Khan Maykr in Doom Eternal

When you approach Khan Maykr in Doom Eternal she is at the safest point. In the air and away from your attacks. She is also using a shield that will give you a really hard time using your weapons. The first thing you have to do is shoot down the shield to break it. Once it is gone switch to Meat hook and give a strong Blood Punch.

Khan Maykr will not fly quietly here, she will be throwing a lot of attacks on you. So using the Dashing ability to shift towards left and right at full speed to avoid incoming projectiles. In regular fights, we use a chainsaw attack to refill ammo. But this will not work here. Look for Drones in the sky deployed by Khan Maykr. Shoot them down and they will drop drones. If you can focus on headshots you can get more ammo.

When Khan Maykr summons a purple shield, shoot her. She is going to shoot it back towards you, if you are able to break this shield she will be stunned. This is when you will be using the Meat Hook and grab her. Release the Blood Punch and then retry this again.

Another big problem is the ground hazards, there are a lot of things that are ready to kill you. For example, there will be lasers or projectiles from the sky, etc. You have to keep a watch on things around. But there are some parts which are safe to stand, try to find one to get some time.

Focus on tearing down the Khan Maykr shield firest, once done you are not ready to cause real damage. Use Meat Hook as soon as the shield is down and give a Blood Punch. You will have to hit Khan Maykr in the same way around five to six times.

So this is how you can defeat Khan Maykr in Doom Eternal and win the final boss fight. Remember to hit the shield, and if drones are attacking them deal with them first.