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How To Defeat Kato Danzo “The Flying Trickster” In Nioh 2

Tricks Up His Sleeve

Kato Danzo boss fight in Nioh 2 takes things differently than the regular combat that you get to see when combating other bosses, Danzo will overwhelm you with his trickery and speed at which he attacks. This guide will show you how to defeat Kato Danzo in Nioh 2.


How To Quickly Defeat Kato Danzo

Nioh 2 takes its cues from previous phenomenal games in the ARPG category like Dark Souls series and Bloodbourne, you have to go up against behemoths in the game who can potentially kill you with one hit, so it makes sense that you prepare yourself with all the possible knowledge that you can get.

What makes a huge difference is the fact that where you invest your stats while defeating certain bosses in Nioh 2. Almost every boss will present a different challenge and taking them on in the same fashion will almost result in your eventual defeat.

Let’s look at stats and where you need to invest them, first you will around 75+ in Composition, this will ensure that your Ki and Health has increased, increasing your Heart will also contribute towards faster Ki regeneration.


For Skill and Magic, you will only need to invest about 20+ stats in them as they Skill ensures that your Ki Pulse is more effective and Magic will let you use spells and increase your overall Onmyo Power, and Onmyo Capacity.

Tips To Defeat Kato Danzo In Nioh 2

Kato Danzo boss fight will put you on the back foot from the beginning itself, Danzo likes to move around the area a lot and uses his spells to either repel you away from him or will suddenly disappear from time to time and you won’t be able to attack him during this moment.


The best course of action to take against Danzo is to wait for him to strike, dodge and swiftly follow up with your own combo attacks.

Danzo will use all the tricks he has in his arsenal against you, and this will prove to be a massive task to those uninitiated.


From lightning strikes to smoke bombs, Kato Danzo uses all the items he can that to gain an upper hand on you. If you create a large enough distance, Kato Danzo will use throwables to attack you.

Make sure that you use a good Odachi, that matches his and this will make it easier to slash him down. Keep the fight close and when Kato is finished with his moves, you will need to retaliate as soon as possible.

This fight is more about endurance and quick thinking to ensure that you take Kato Danzo down in under 5 minutes.

Kato Danzo Drops in Nioh 2

  • Nokizaru Kusarigama
  • Flying Kato’s Waistguard
  • FerryMan’s Bracers

This is all there is to know about how to take down Kato Danzo in Nioh 2. Make sure that you check out our guide on how to defeat Shisenin Kosen in Nioh 2 Wiki Guide.