Honkai Star Rail Aventurine Boss Guide

Here’s our boss fight guide on how to defeat Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail. It includes strategies, team compositions, and tips to beat this boss.

Aventurine of Stratagems, the senior manager of the Interastral Peace Corporation’s (IPC) Strategic Investment Department, is one of the most challenging bosses due to its unique game mechanics. But if you understand damage type, weakness, and his unique abilities, you can easily counter them.

This boss guide on how to defeat Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail will cover everything you need to know, including strategies, character recommendations, and essential details to beat Aventurine easily using our tips. So, let’s jump right into the details.

Aventurine’s Background & Location

Background (In-game Official)

Aventurine is a senior manager in the Interastral Peace Corporation’s (IPC) Strategic Investment Department and a member of the elite Ten Stonehearts. Using his Cornerstone, Aventurine gained a share of the authority of an Emanator of Preservation, granting him formidable powers. He’s willing to put his life on the line to achieve his objectives.

Boss Fight Location and Context

You’ll encounter Aventurine as a boss in the “A Walk Among the Tombstones” Trailblaze Mission during Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 2.1. As you progress through the mission, you’ll eventually face off against Aventurine in a challenging battle.

New Material Drops

Defeating Aventurine (Ten Stonehearts: Aventurine of Stratagems) may reward you with new drop materials, such as those required for upcoming Fire characters. Keep an eye out for valuable resources when taking on this formidable boss.

Aventurines Strengths and Weaknesses

Aventurine’s Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Aventurine Weaknesses: Aventurine is vulnerable to Physical, Ice, and Lightning damage. Assemble your team accordingly to exploit these weaknesses.
  • Toughness: Triggering a weakness break with a high Toughness count of 450 can be challenging. Focus on dealing consistent damage rather than relying solely on weakness breaks.
  • Gambling Mode: Aventurine’s Gambling mode adds complexity to the battle, requiring careful planning and Energy management.

Aventurine’s Gambling Mode

Be cautious of Aventurine’s Gambling Mode, which triggers every two turns and intensifies in the second phase of the battle. To win the gamble, hit the All or Nothing Dice in front of Aventurine and adapt your strategy based on the outcomes:

  • Higher than Aventurine: Regain Ultimate and deal increased damage.
  • Same as Aventurine: Draw, with no penalties or rewards.
  • Lower than Aventurine: Lose, and Aventurine attacks the loser.

Aventurine’s Attacks and Abilities

Before we get into specific strategies, let’s first understand Aventurine’s attacks and abilities:

  1. Multi-Directional Lightning Strike: Aventurine launches lightning strikes in multiple directions, dealing significant Electro damage.
  2. Sphere Generation: Aventurine summons spheres that float around the battlefield and deal Electro damage upon contact.
  3. Charged Dash: Aventurine charges at your character, dealing Electro damage and potentially causing paralysis.

Aventurine Stats

We will share all the details about Aventurine’s damage resistance, debuff resistance, and stats at different levels:

Aventurine’s Damage Resistance

Aventurine’s damage resistance (RES) determines his survivability during the boss fight. Understanding his resistance to various damage types allows players to devise strategies that maximize their damage output and minimize the effectiveness of Aventurine’s defenses.

Aventurine possesses the following damage resistances:

  • Physical: 0%
  • Fire: 0%
  • Ice: 0%
  • Lightning: 0%
  • Wind: 20%
  • Quantum: 20%
  • Imaginary: 40%

Given his damage resistance, Aventurine is particularly susceptible to Physical, Ice, and Lightning damage. Characters that deal these types of damage are valuable assets during the boss encounter. Players should prioritize these characters in their team composition to exploit Aventurine’s vulnerabilities.

However, remember that Aventurine’s resistance to Wind and Quantum damage is moderate, at 20%. While attacks with these elements are not entirely ineffective, they will be less efficient than Physical, Ice, and Lightning-based attacks.

Lastly, Aventurine’s highest resistance lies in the Imaginary damage type, with a 40% reduction. Avoid relying heavily on characters dealing Imaginary damage, as their effectiveness will significantly diminish during the fight.

Aventurine’s Debuff Resistance

Aventurine possesses the following debuff resistances:

  • Bleed: 0%
  • Burn: 0%
  • Frozen: 0%
  • Shock: 0%
  • Wind Sheer: 0%
  • Entanglement: 0%
  • Imprisonment: 0%
  • Control Effects: 50%

Aventurine has a moderate resistance to Control Effects, with a 50% reduction. While these effects can still be applied, their effectiveness will be diminished compared to other status ailments.

But, Aventurine is particularly vulnerable to Bleed, Burn, Frozen, Shock, Wind Sheer, Entanglement, and Imprisonment effects. Characters capable of inflicting these status ailments can play a vital role in the boss encounter, as they can exploit Aventurine’s weaknesses and hinder his actions.

Players can weaken Aventurine, disrupt his actions, and create opportunities for increased damage or strategic maneuvers by incorporating characters that can apply the debuffs above.

Aventurine’s Stats at Different Levels

The table below will help you understand Aventurine’s stats at different levels, showcasing his growth and potential during the boss fight. Understanding stats can help players gauge their strengths and prepare their characters accordingly.

  • Level: This column denotes the Aventurine’s level. His other stats typically improve as his level increases, making him a more formidable opponent.
  • HP: Aventurine’s Health Points (HP) indicate how much damage he can sustain before being defeated. Higher HP values mean players must deal more damage to take him down.
  • ATK: This column shows Aventurine’s Attack (ATK) stat, which influences the damage dealt by his abilities. As his ATK increases, so does the threat he poses to your characters.
  • DEF: Aventurine’s Defense (DEF) stat determines how much damage he can mitigate from incoming attacks. Higher DEF values mean your characters will deal reduced damage to him.
  • Speed: This stat impacts the turn order during combat, with higher Speed values granting a better chance of acting earlier in the round.
  • Effect Hit Rate: Aventurine’s Effect Hit Rate denotes his chance of successfully applying status effects with his abilities. At higher levels, his Effect Hit Rate increases, making it more likely for your characters to be afflicted by his debuffs.
  • Effect RES: This column shows Aventurine’s resistance to status effects. As his Effect RES grows, your characters will have a lower chance of successfully applying debuffs to him.

Now you understand what to look for, here’s a rough table showing Aventurine’s stats at different levels:

LevelHPATKDEFSpeedEffect Hit RateEffect RES

How to Defeat Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail

The boss fight against Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail consists of two distinct phases, each presenting unique challenges and requiring strategic adaptation. By understanding the mechanics of each phase, players can devise effective countermeasures and capitalize on Aventurine’s vulnerabilities.

Phase 1

During the first phase, Aventurine utilizes a set of abilities aimed at dealing damage and manipulating the battle’s flow through the Gamble mechanic:

  1. Heavy Stakes is a single-target attack dealing with Imaginary damage (350% ATK) to a chosen target.
  2. Distributed Investment is a bounce attack that inflicts successive instances of minor Imaginary damage (110% ATK) to random targets. The number of instances increases from 5 in Phase 1 to 8 in Phase 2.
  3. Points Fountain is an impair ability that deals minor Imaginary damage (250% ATK) to all targets while reducing their Energy by 10.
  4. Time For A Bet is a summon ability that summons the “All or Nothing” entity and forces a single target to enter the Gamble. Winning or losing the Gamble can significantly impact the battle’s outcome.
  5. The Loser’s Time Is Over is an impair ability that inflicts Imaginary damage (570% ATK) on a target who lost the Gamble, with a chance of imposing the Imprisonment effect (30% Action Delay for 1 turn) on the attacked target.
  6. Stratagems’ Wagering is a talent that bestows the “Favored by Fortune” effect on targets who win the Gamble, increasing their damage dealt by 50%. Conversely, targets who lose the Gamble receive the “Down on Your Luck” effect, increasing their damage taken by 20%.

Phase 2

Upon transitioning to Phase 2, Aventurine introduces a new ability while retaining most of his Phase 1 skillset:

  1. Big Spenders’ Mad Party is a summon ability that forces all targets to enter the Gamble. Like “Time For A Bet,” winning or losing the Gamble significantly affects the battle’s outcome.
  2. The Winner Takes It All is an AoE attack that deals Imaginary damage to all targets who won the Gamble.
How to Beat Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail

How to Beat Aventurine (HSR Boss)

During the encounter with Aventurine, you’ll face a unique challenge known as the Gamble. Aventurine periodically initiates this mechanic, summoning multiple All or Nothings that your characters can engage with. As the battle progresses, the Gamble mechanics evolve through two distinct phases:

  1. Phase 1:
    • Only one character from your team participates in the Gamble, while the others are temporarily disabled.
    • Your objective is to utilize this character’s abilities effectively, deal damage to the All or Nothings, and achieve a score higher than Aventurine’s predetermined score.
  2. Phase 2:
    • In this phase, all of your characters are forced into the Gamble.
    • Your primary goal remains unchanged: strive for a higher score than Aventurine’s to gain advantages and avoid detrimental effects.
    • When a character wins the Gamble, their Ultimate ability recharges instantly, and their damage output significantly increases.
    • In the event of a draw, no additional bonuses or debuffs are applied to your characters.
  3. Key Points:
    • Avoid losing the Gamble in Phase 2: Aventurine launches an attack against all losing characters, potentially inflicting Imprisonment and a debuff that increases the damage taken.
    • Strategic Approach: Prioritize using area-of-effect (AoE) abilities during the Gamble to simultaneously damage multiple All or Nothings.
    • Save Strong Attacks: Reserve your strongest attacks for critical moments to maximize your chances of achieving a high score.

Strategies to Defeat Aventurine

Now that you’re familiar with Aventurine’s abilities let’s check out some of the strategies that can help you win the boss fight:

  • Team Composition: Select characters specializing in AoE (Area of Effect) damage, such as Argenti, Kafka, Jing Yuan, Acheron, and Jingliu.
  • Dodge and Evade: Given Aventurine’s powerful lightning strikes, dodging and evading attacks are crucial. Watch the indicators on the ground and time your dodges accordingly.
  • Focus on AoE During Gamble Mode: Ensure every character has strong AoE capabilities to maintain consistent damage output during the disruptive Gambling Mode.
  • Please focus on the Spheres: Eliminate the spheres summoned by Aventurine as soon as possible, as they can deal significant damage and restrict your movement.
  • Choose Your Characters Wisely: Select characters with high Electro resistance or immunity to mitigate the damage from Aventurine’s Electro-based attacks. Include a healer in your party to sustain your team’s HP.
  • Defensive Buffs: Add characters with defensive buffs and healing abilities to enhance your team’s survivability.
  • Capitalize on Elemental Reactions: Utilize characters with Cryo or Pyro abilities to trigger Elemental Reactions such as Superconduct or Overload, which can damage Aventurine more.
  • Break Aventurine’s Shield: When Aventurine’s shield is up, focus on dealing heavy damage to break it quickly, as it reduces the damage Aventurine receives.

Team Composition Recommendations

To ensure success, build a balanced team with the following roles:

  • Main DPS: Choose characters with multi-target attacks (AoE or Ultimate) to excel in the Gambling Faceoff.
  • Supports: Opt for characters with multi-target heals or shields to protect your team during bad RNG runs.
  • Sustain: Boost health for squishy allies, like Supports and Hunt DPS characters.

Based on the above roles, here are some recommendations for an effective team composition against Aventurine:

  • Main DPS: Choose a character with high Electro resistance or immunity and strong physical damage output.
  • Sub-DPS/Elemental Support: Select a character with Cryo or Pyro abilities to trigger Elemental Reactions.
  • Healer/Support: Include a dedicated healer to keep your team’s HP up and provide buffs or shields.
  • Flex Slot: Fill this slot with another support or DPS character to round out your team.

Recommended Characters

Select characters based on their effectiveness against Aventurine and synergy with your team, like:

  1. DPS: Acheron, Pela, Guinaifen, Luocha
  2. Support: Jingliu, Ruan Mei, Huohuo
  3. Sustain: Kafka, Black Swan

As mentioned, depending on your chosen team composition, Argenti, Kafka, Jing Yuan, Acheron, and Jingliu will help in this boss fight.

Additional Tips

  • Practice Patience: Aventurine’s high Toughness (450) requires a systematic approach. Stay patient, use his weaknesses, and execute well-timed attacks.
  • Utilize Consumables: Equip in-game consumables to augment your damage output, healing, and defensive capabilities.
Boss Fight Guide Aventurine of Stratagems

All Aventurine of Stratagems Achievements

In Honkai Star Rail, players can earn two achievements related to the Ten Stonehearts: Aventurine of Stratagems boss fight. These achievements present additional challenges and incentivize players to master the fight’s mechanics, showcasing their skills and expertise.

  • Boxcars: Under the “Eager for Battle” category, this achievement requires players to cause at least two “All or Nothings” to simultaneously roll a 6 with a single attack during the battle against Aventurine. Completing this challenge rewards players with 5 Stellar Jade.
  • All My People, All My People…: Also belonging to the “Eager for Battle” category, this achievement tasks players with having all four characters in their team win in the same round of the Gamble during the Aventurine boss fight. Accomplishing this feat grants players 5 Stellar Jade as a reward.

Boxcars Achievement

  1. As the this achievement relies heavily on randomness, there’s no surefire method to obtain it. However, using characters like Pela and Argenti, who have abilities that can hit all All or Nothings on the battlefield, will increase your chances of causing at least two All or Nothings to roll a 6 simultaneously in a single attack.
  2. Retreating from the fight before defeating Aventurine is an option if you haven’t unlocked the achievement yet. This allows you to restart the battle and attempt to unlock the achievement again.

All My People, All My People… Achievement

  1. You will progress to the second phase of the boss fight, where Aventurine forces your entire team to participate in the Gamble.
  2. To maximize your chances of having four characters win the Gamble in the same round, conserve your Ultimates that deal damage until Aventurine summons the All or Nothings. This enables your characters to attack multiple times in a single turn.
  3. Employ characters with abilities that grant extra actions or manipulate turn order to increase your odds of achieving this goal.

As both achievements are not hidden, players can view them in-game and actively pursue their completion while facing off against Aventurine.

That’s all for this boss fight guide on how to defeat Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail. We hope this helps you redeem the Honkai Star Rail Prime Gaming rewards. While you’re here, make sure you visit our HSR guides section for more helpful guides, like the best Relics.