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How To Make Shears In Minecraft & How to Use It?

You will need shears to collect wools from Sheep in Minecraft? Here is a guide on Shears Crafting.

Shears is used for extracting wool from sheep in Minecraft. It is a very useful item in the game. In this guide, I will help you with Minecraft Shears crafting recipes. Also will help you in finding all required items for crafting.

How to Make Shears in Minecraft


Making Shears in Minecraft is really easy. To start, all you need is two iron bars. You can get these by mining for them.

Where to Find Iron Ores?

To create a Shear, you can acquire necessary Iron Ore by mining for it. Iron Ore can be found pretty much anywhere as long as there are stones present like Caves and Ravines. Chances are you just might find some iron ore on the sides of a mountain or a hill. Mining for iron ore is quite easy because of the fact that it is one of the most common ores in the game. Once you’ve mined iron ore, you can begin making iron ingots, which we’ll discuss below.


How to Create Iron Ingots?

Once you’ve acquired some iron ore, you can begin the process to craft iron ingots.

  • First, you’ll require a furnace. Ensure that you have a furnace in your inventory.
  • Once your furnace is ready, you need to place the iron ore at the top of the furnace, with the fuel going in the bottom of the furnace.


minecraft iron ingot

Making the Shears

Once you’ve successfully created your iron bars from the iron ore, you can move on to making your Shears.


  • Open the Crafting table in your inventory.
  • Place the iron bars diagonal to each other and voila! You’ve successfully created your shears!

how to make shears in minecraft and their uses

How to Use Shears

  • Shears can be used to rear wool from sheep without killing them. With each shear, you will get 1-3 wool.
  • Shears are also the only tools that can harvest leaves, dead bushes, ferns, vines, and tall grass to obtain them as a block that can be placeable.
  • Shears can be added to Snow Golem to drop the pumpkin from its head.
  • Shears can be used to remove String from Tripwire Hooks without having to activate it.
  • Using shears on melon blocks can help you get 9 melons instead of only 7 without them.
  • When used on Mooshrooms, shears can help turn them into Cows and enable you to obtain mushrooms.
  • Shears are the fastest and most durable tools to destroy wool blocks.

You can follow these easy steps to now create your very own shears! You can use your newly-created shears to extract wool from sheep. Additionally, you can also harvest things like cobwebs, sprouts, vines, and ferns among other things.

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