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How To Craft In Harvestella (Explained)

Here's a detailed guide on how to Craft in Harvestella using the Crafting Table

Harvestella is a daily-life simulator game where you can do activities like Farming, Fishing, and much more. Along with that, you have to survive Quietus, the season of death. Like many daily-life simulator games, Crafting is an essential skill in Havestella. With Crafting, you will be able to build many tools and items to help you progress in the game. In this article, we will tell you how to craft in Harvestella.


How to Craft in Harvestella

Harvestella Crafting Table Menu

As you progress to the third in-game day, you will be introduced to crafting. The Mayor will show you how to craft using the crafting table. There are two requirements to craft anything in this game. You will need the recipe and the materials required to make that specific tool. In order to give you a tutorial, the mayor will hand you the recipe and materials for the Return Bell. This is a handy item to carry when you are exploring the map. You can use it to instantly return home. There are many more useful items you can make using the crafting table.

Using the Crafting Table

The crafting table is located in your house. You can use it anytime to craft new materials. To do so:

  • Head over to the Crafting Table
  • Interact with it by pressing the prompted button labeled Craft
  • This will open up a new tab where you will see all the recipes available and the materials required
  • If you have all the materials required, then you can craft that tool by using the Create button
  • The time required to create that tool will be indicated on the Create button (E.g. Return Bell takes 20 game minutes)

Crafting in this game consumes your in-game time so you don’t have to wait around for it to complete. So we suggest you use the final hours of your day for crafting.

That’s all from us on how to craft in Harvestella. We have more helpful guides like How to Fish so check it out soon.