How To Connect AirPods To Xbox? (Answered)

Xbox gamers can use AirPods instead of a dedicated gaming headset, but it does have its cons.

AirPods are convenient, even more so if you want to use them with your Xbox console to play a game alone or for party chat in multiplayer games. But, many are wondering – is there a way to connect AirPods to Xbox, and if yes, how do you do it?

Unfortunately, because there is no native Bluetooth support, connecting your AirPods directly to Xbox is impossible. But, like most things in tech, there are workarounds you can use. Here are all the options to still use and enjoy AirPods while gaming on your Xbox One or Series X|S console.

How to Connect AirPods to Xbox

Via Xbox App Remote Play

xbox remote play to use airpods

With the Xbox App Remote Play feature, you can use AirPods while playing on your Xbox console. Download the Xbox app on your mobile phone or tablet and pair your AirPods to it if you haven’t already. All you need to do next is launch the app and connect to your Xbox so that you can hear the game sounds in your AirPods and play the game remotely.

With a Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

wireless bluetooth adapter

A Wireless Bluetooth Adapter will be the connector that brings your AirPods and Xbox together.

  • First, get a Bluetooth Audio Adapter compatible with your Xbox.
  • Then, pair your AirPods to the Adapter.
  • Plug in the adapter to the Xbox’s USB.
  • And now you should be able to use AirPods with Xbox.

Bonus: With a Wired Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter (only for Apple EarPods)

Wired Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter

This is a solution if you already have a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter and are okay with going wired. Plug the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter into your controller’s audio jack. Next, connect your Apple EarPods with the adapter’s 3.5mm cable.

Since there’s no native AirPods to Xbox support, these are all workarounds and may have issues like latency, audio quality, mic compatibility, lag, etc. So, if you are fine with that, you can try them out.

If not, invest in a gaming headset designed for Xbox, which will provide the best quality audio output thereby making games even more immersive.

Why can’t you connect AirPods to Xbox Consoles?

Xbox Wireless is a Microsoft proprietary technology that allows users to connect audio accessories to their Xbox consoles without cables or dongles. This allows Bluetooth, which gives lower latency, higher bandwidth, and more features.

The headset you use should support Xbox Wireless, but AirPods doesn’t, so the workarounds mentioned above can be used as an alternative. If a headset supports it, you will be able to hear in-game sound but also talk to other players.