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How to complete The Frightened Engineer Side Quest in Outer Worlds

Locate all Engineering Manuals

The Outer Worlds is a massive game and is filled with quests and tasks that will have you running from a place to place which can be tedious if you do not have clarity. Terra, the first planet that you encounter has one of the lengthiest tasks which involves finding quite a few engineer books. This guide will show you how to complete the Frightened Engineer side quest guide in Outer Worlds.

How to complete The Frightened Engineer Side Quest in Outer Worlds


As you progress in the quests of The Outer Worlds, you will certainly visit the Botanical Gardens which can be found just outside Edgewater. This is also the place to look for Thomas Kemp who is an important figure to complete the quest. He offers you The Frightened Engineer quest and has a vested interest in Parvati.

You will have to look near the workbench in the Botanical Gardens to find Thomas Kemp who later moves to the campfire joining the rest of the NPCs.

The Frightened Engineer Side Quest will have you finding three engineering manuals that will help train Thomas.


Below are the locations of the Engineering manuals:

1. Engineering Volume 01

To find the Engineering Volume 01 you will have to go to the Emerald Vale Community Center and look around, it is easy to find and should be visible as soon as you get there. You will have to face a few marauders which shouldn’t be that much of a problem.


2. Engineering Volume 02

To find the Engineering Volume 02 you will have to go the Cannery in Edgewater which is located at the back. It is again easily found and there shouldn’t be much trouble there either.

3. PSEngineering Volume 03


The third Engineering Volume 03 is a bit difficult to find and the best option is to investigate a few terminals when you are at the Cannery, which will give you clues to find the Engineering Volume 03.

You will need to visit the Geothermal Power Plant, go to the pit which is right below. Before you get there though, you will have to find the spiral staircase which leads below.

At the bottom, you will find an NPC named Higgins and the Engineering Volume 03 can be found on his bed. When you have all three Engineering Volumes simply go back to Thomas Kemp to finish the quest.

This is all there is to know about how to complete the Frightened Engineer in Outer Worlds.