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How to Complete the Fridge Duty Side Mission in Control

The Fridge Boss

Control seems mindbending and often you will come across things or creatures that do not make sense and one of those is a fridge corrupted by the hiss. This is a side mission which means that though it is optional it will unlock a few mods and abilities. This is one the easiest missions in Control and this guide will show you how to complete the Fridge Duty side mission in Control.

How to complete the Fridge Duty side mission in Control


This mission will only pop up when you are near the endgame of Control, as you are on the search for Dylan on the fourth floor of the Panopticon. You will hear a man call out for help, interact with the intercom and talk to him.

Once you talk to the man, you will have to continue on your main mission which will hand you an objective of returning back to Emily Pope. Before you go back to her, find your way back to the man and talk to him.

You will then need to talk to Langston, who is at the entrance of the Panopticon. He’s the same person you meet as you enter the Panopticon. He will help you to unlock the cell door blocking the entrance to the man and the fridge.


You will then need to go back to the fourth floor and subdue the fridge in the room, once you do that you will be transported to a boss whom you will have to defeat.

To defeat this boss, simply keep shooting at the eye and use the Launch ability to throw his projectiles back at it. Dodge his attacks, it is simple and predictable where it is going to attack.

Defeat the boss and you will be brought back, speak to Langston which will complete the Fridge Duty side mission.


This is all there is to know about how to complete the Fridge Duty side mission in Control.